Laughs are in short supply these days, not only for parents, of course. But when it has to be funny enough to be heard over the sound of the constant preschooler chatter or the buzz of elementary school Zoom classes, well…it must be special.

We think these 14 recent tweets from parents will rise above the noise, my friends, so please – enjoy.

14. She probably ate one.

And then mom HAD to eat the rest.

13. That seems like a fair average.

All those poor bananas.

12. Something to consider.

Also, invest in paper towels.

11. I mean…that’s fair.

Now he has no excuses!

10. I mean, it is funny.

The first dozen times, at any rate.

9. That day cannot come soon enough.

Tell me it comes soon though.

8. I hope he’s wearing a mask.

Or that you’re safe at home.

7. One day will be slugs.

There will be so much payback.

6. You cannot argue with that logic.

Don’t even try.

5. I’m ok with that.

Will there be snacks?

4. I mean…whatever works.

I mean, YOU didn’t have to clean up the dog vomit. So.

3. Bless his heart.

Thoughts and prayers to you all.

2. That’s a lot of anger at Peppa.

I guess she’s getting the redirected Caillou hate.

1. It’s what inspires them.

Smells like revenge.

I don’t know about you, but I needed that today! In fact, I need about ten times the amount of tweets I read, usually, but this will do for now.

Which of these did you send to a friend? Tell us in the comments!