One of the best things about parenting is all of the unexpected humor – at your expense, at your kids’s expense, at the expense of your youth – that happens pretty much on a daily basis.

And these 14 parents know how to turn that hilarity into tweets that make us all feel like one big happy family.

14. We all still have visceral memories of this from childhood.

It’s like glee and sympathy all wrapped up in a ball.

13. Donuts never fail.

They work on adults, too.

12. Hopefully before the dog tore through the house.

Mustard on the furniture ftw.

11. He definitely is.

He might want to hold off on any romantic relationships, though.

10. You gotta accept your vibe.

And use it to your advantage.

9. And throwing in the dog’s name for good measure.

Half the time I never even get to the right name.

8. They WANT to EAT something.

Just go with it.

7. You don’t take vacations anymore, you take trips.


6. I’d rather hear them say anything but “Mommy, look at this!”

Literally anything.

5. That kid is going places.

Hopefully not to the hospital.

4. Only if you want to die, though.

They will win that bet every time.

3. Neither does your husband.

Because men never spend a reasonable amount of time on the toilet.

2. Where’s the lie?

You can’t spot it, because there isn’t one.

1. And you’re so tired it’s enthralling.

You have to be exhausted for Spongebob to make sense.

I love knowing my family isn’t the only crazy one!

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