If you’re a parent and bedtime is your favorite time of the day, please, tell me your secrets. Sure, there are nice things about it, like being able to check in during a quieter time, bonding over books, snuggles…but we’re just so tired, right, and we’re so close to being able to check out with Netflix we can taste it.

These 14 parents are ready to wave the white flag and beg for mercy if their kids don’t give up the ghost rtfn.

14. Time for clean pajamas!

Whose kids make it all day without dirtying their clothes?

13. You suddenly see where they get it.

Yet, you don’t bother anyone else with your tactics.

12. They’re basically dying.

And it is your duty to hydrate them!

11. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

Don’t be fooled by the cute innocent face.

10. It’s honestly kind of impressive.

In an enraging sort of way.

9. Enjoy the days before they can read.

It won’t last forever.

8. My kids have never done this, not once.

Tell me what it’s like so I can live vicariously.

7. It’s like spooking a horse.

Or a monkey at the zoo.


6. She wasn’t thinking straight.

Sleep deprivation will do that to you. It’s a cycle.

5. Just the thought of it can be too much.

You’ll always regret not summoning the energy, though.

4. An excellent point.

And a smart kiddo, it would seem.

3. Dads everywhere can relate.

Moms everywhere are rolling their eyes.

2. Five more minutes!

Times a hundred, if you keep saying yes.

1. Why are they like that?

I mean…we already know the answer to that I guess.

I am feeling their pain, I swear!

What’s your kid’s favorite bedtime stalling tactic? Regale us in the comments!