Kids exist to try our patience; at least, that’s what it can seem like some days. They find our buttons and dig their thumbs in as deep as they’ll go, twisting and really putting their back into it the more they can see us slowly going insane.

Of course they’re angels and we love them, but also, what I just said is the truth.

We all do what we can to get through days like these 14 people are having – and since it’s not you this time, go ahead and laugh. You know you want to.

14. It’s like he knew that ruining the coffee was the worst thing he could do.

Actually in this case he was really trying to help. You can’t even get mad at the sweet little lad!

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13. I, too, am confused.

I really want a followup to this tweet because I need to know if/where they found it.

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12. He’s really got his thinking cap on.

It’s hard to argue with that logic!

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11. Literally whatever makes them happy.

You definitely have to pick your battles.

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10. Yeah there is definitely pee somewhere.

Of course, if it’s like my house, there’s already pee everywhere so.

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9. They do keep you one your toes.

And you know you were barely asleep, anyway.

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8. Tornados are pretty scary.

But yeah, I imagine a tomato so huge we had to hide from it would be pretty frightening as well.

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7. The answer is to stop trying to help.

But we just can’t do that, can we?

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6. It’s a fair question, when you think about it.

Of course, it’s probably the 550th question she’s heard today.

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5. At least they don’t usually throw up on you.

Who am I kidding? It’s exactly the same.

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4. See, your marketing degree is coming in handy!

It’s all in the presentation, you know.

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3. It won’t last forever.

Honestly it doesn’t even work with my 3yo most of the time.

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2. You just get kind of numb to it all.

But you feel like you deserve a medal when you actually please a 3yo.

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1. You think you’re high sometimes.

It would make folding laundry more interesting. Perhaps.

I’m just so grateful I’m not raising the only heathens in the world!

Tell us about a recent moment you just had to walk away from your kid! We want to commiserate in the comments!