For parents, the experience of other parents are endlessly interesting. Are their kids like ours? Different? How do they handle this struggle or that one, and are we doing things at home the best way possible?

While it’s probably not all that helpful to compare ourselves to others, it does feel nice to know we’re not in this crazy life alone – and these 14 tweets by parents totally made my day.

14. I’m stealing this.

My partner is going to love it.

13. Seriously, he might want to rethink that.

I’m not punching anybody.

12. What better way to prep for the new year?

It’s always good to be prepared.

11. No worries from me.

This is a trend I can get behind.

10. I have done this?

Have you not?

9. Everything is a game.

Even when it’s not.

8. We still know something you don’t.

It won’t last long, so enjoy it for now.

7. They grow up so fast.

Attitude and all.

6. Sigh.

The laundry literally never ends.

5. No, she can’t.

She probably will one day, though.

4. Sometimes you have to admit defeat.

But don’t let it happen too often or mutiny will occur.

3. I wouldn’t blame them.

But I think they always smell like that.

2. We’re never going to stop.

Sorry not sorry.

1. Okay Mr. Smartypants.

Let’s all be like this kiddo.

I hope you found something to make you laugh in this list!

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