Kids are adorable, sure, but they’re also messy and loud and they say things that no adult with a proper filter ever would.  It can be embarrassing, silly, hilarious, or yeah – totally creepy.

Some people put this down to just a kid’s imagination, while others think that kids are somehow closer to the “other side” than the rest of us, but whatever it is, these 14 kids definitely freaked some people out.

14. I would have been tempted to call CPS.

“Go home, drink your coffee, and don’t have sex with your daughter.”

This girl was about six years old.

13. Okay but it’s the very last part that’s actually evil.

When my younger cousin was showing me his lego contraption in the centre of the otherwise reasonably normal lego town he had built in his room.

In consisted of a rotating turntable brick with a stick on it so you could spin it. Attached to the turntable was a chain, on the end of that was a mini figure attached by his foot. This was surrounded by lego spikes and flames, so that the minifigure would bounce off them as he spins. He explained ‘this where the bad people are killed’. I point out the row of seats facing the contraption with mini figures watching, which is surrounded by armed guards.

He explains ‘This is where their mums watch, the guards make sure they look.’

12. Future exorcist in the making!

For Easter one year, my husband and I visited his brother’s family.

His oldest kid was about 4 and kept taking us into this small room away from people to play. When we were in there he closed the door, opened his arms and started saying, “ONLY WITH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. ONLY WITH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. ONLY WITH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST.”

Tried to nope right out of that one but my husband grabbed my arm and shook his head.

Turns out, they go to a big evangelical church and the kid was just repeating what the pastor said. I’ll never forget it.

11. They say kids know what and who they are from an early age…

Little sister bursts into my room to wake me up. She jumps on top of me, looks into my soul and says “I am the darkness” then runs off giggling. No one told her to do that.

Edit: Thought I would go ahead and mention this. So this happened when she was 4 and she hasn’t gotten much better. When she was 5 she punched my little brother (her older brother by 1 year) in the face then went crying to our mom saying he punched her. She’s now 6 and has started stealing things from places like hotel rooms, peoples houses, school, restaurants, stores, etc. and is unnervingly good at it. With the exception of stores that have alarms nobody notices she’s stolen anything until much later. She’s also been in 3 fights that we know of

10. I mean…why would his mind go there?

My cousin who was about four or five at the time looked at me dead in the eyes and said “I’m a baby just like Satan was!”

9. Hahaha, well someone was there, anyway.

My 4 year old son had a habit of announcing when he had to use the bathroom. He would say “I gotta go potty”. One time he makes his business known and heads off toward the bathroom. He returns seconds later and says “There’s already someone in the bathroom”. Now I do know for a fact that it’s just the two of us home so the hair stands up on my neck. I ask him, “what do you mean”. He repeats, “There’s already someone in the bathroom”.

Now I’m thinking, is it someone “I see dead people” or someone in a hockey goalie mask.

So I grab the biggest knife from my knife block and tell him to stay here. I walk to the bathroom, take a wide angle to see in, nobody. Slowly and quietly walk toward the shower and pull back the curtain.


By now my son has walked around the corner and I ask him “where did you see the person?” He points to an un-flushed toilet and says “See, someone’s already here”.

His big brother didn’t flush the toilet……….

8. Yeah that little kid definitely saw a ghost.

My little cousin was like 3 and asked me if I saw the black man hanging from the tree in the backyard.

In rural Louisiana this was even more terrifying.

7. Those poor parents never get to go out after dark.

Sorry for the long post, but this was terrifying.

When I was a teenager I was babysitting for a family with three young children. The boy was about 8 and the girls were in kindergarten. Their parents had driven an hour away to see a play, but still planned to be home early in the night. However, I got a call that they had been in a minor car accident and would be home a couple hours later than planned. They asked several times how/if the boy was sleeping, which should have been a red flag, but I simply said that all the children were sleeping and left it there. About an hour goes by, and it’s definitely nighttime now. I’m sitting on a sofa downstairs and looking through some old magazines to pass the time. Suddenly I hear shuffling on the staircase. The boy was clearly sleepwalking, but his eyes were open and rolled back. He started running his hands along the wall and grabbing family pictures while screaming “they all must go, they all must go” before throwing the pictures down the stairs.

Once I overcame a moment of sheer panic, I rushed up the stairs and tried to grab him. Once I’m about half a foot away from him he starts screaming “if you touch me you die, if you touch me you die” followed by manic laughter. By this point the sound of crashing glass and screaming has woken up the girls, and I can hear them crying. Totally freaked out, but still focused on keeping the kid from falling down the stairs, I grab the boy by the back of his pajamas and lead him back up the rest of the stairs and towards his room. When we get to his doorway he calmly walks to his bed and gets back in as if nothing has happened.

Flabbergasted, I go over to his bed and he is perfectly sound asleep. I can still hear the girls crying so I rush to their room. They are huddled together in the back corner crying. I say “oh no no, it’s okay your brother is okay, he’s just sleepwalking, he’s fine!” One of the little girls looks at me and says “we know he can’t help it, Simon makes him do it.” That was the last straw for me. I didn’t ask anymore questions, brought the girls downstairs with me, gave them milk and cookies, turned on the radio and turned every single light on. Parents walk in, and know immediately what happened. Never babysat for that family again.

6. “Put off” is one way to describe it, I’m guessing.

When I first met an old fiends four children.

My friend isn’t particularly smart and neither are his three youngest but the oldest is creepy smart and self aware. I think she is 10-11. She found a bug on the floor and made up a little back story for it and a name. So she played with her new pet for a long time untill she crushed it with her thumb. When her mom asked her why she would do that, she said “I never wanted it to leave me.”

The way she looked her mom dead in the eyes when she said it. Her parents even seemed put off by it.

5. Yeah, no, don’t listen to Chucky.

My niece was about 4 when I heard her laughing in my room.

I walked in and asked her what she was doing and she said “Chucky says if you stick your fingers in your eyes they come out of your mouth.”

Then she told me Chucky lived underground. Still gives me chills.

4. Well that’s a big ol’ nope.

I was dressing my then 3yr old in his bedroom when he turned to me and said ‘mummy can you close the curtains, the little boy and girl are scaring me’ I asked ‘what little boy and girl?’ ‘The ones outside my window that watch us’. Safe to say the curtains stayed closed.

3. Where did he come up with that name, though?

My youngest used to fear some invisible menace he called Teecoth.

He routinely indicated to us that Teecoth scared him. He was 2 or 3 at the time and his biggest fear was in the hallway bathroom. He was adamant that we leave open the shower curtain open because Teecoth hid behind the shower curtain. Anytime he saw a man with a beard, he would shout, “Teecoth.”

We never did figure out who or what Teecoth was.

2. Oh my goodness my heart.

Not said to me per se but a 7 year old with a head injury was in the back of my ambulance and was saying “yes” “no” “ok” as if someone was explaining something to her. Last thing she said before we got to the hospital was “but I don’t want to be dead. “ again in a very conversational manner. Was taken to surgery for an epidural bleed but did not make it.

1. What is the proper response to that, I wonder?

I had a 4 year old that I had never met run up to me very excited and say “I remember you from when I was big!”.

I don’t know if I could handle this, you guys! I’m still waiting for my kids to say something I can’t explain.

Has this ever happened to you? Share your creepiest stories in the comments!