Couples meet in all kinds of ways – always have and probably always will – but back in the days when our grandparents were meeting and falling in love, the internet wasn’t one of those options.

People met in ways we might not think about now, and if you’re someone who loves a fun glimpse into the past, these 14 stories about how people met are going to tickle your fancy.

14. That’s a start to a good story.

No other way it can end.

13. I have never gone to a funeral because I was bored.

But this is totally baller.

12. Sometimes it’s just too much work to kick them out.

I think they know it, too.

11. At least he warned him.

That’s still pretty cold, bro.

10. This one SHOULD be a movie.

I would watch it, anyway.

9. Every grandma needs one.

How else do they get to be completely awesome.

8. I guess she didn’t have anything better to do.

And she liked the cut of his jib.

7. That’s one way to get back at them.

Revenge and living well and all of that.

6. I bet those were some interesting family gatherings for awhile.

Definitely a good story, though.

5. Remember the movie The Gnomemobile?

It’s like that, but with humans.

4. He wasn’t interested in playing games.

Not for seven years, anyway.

3. He knew what he wanted.

You gotta shoot your shot, right?

2. That man called himself out.

He figured they all liked him by then I guess.

1. It’s just like When Harry Met Sally.

I love that movie.

As an author, I love peeks behind the curtains like this.

If you or someone in your family has a fun story like this, please share it with us in the comments!