There are a million different kinds of people in the world, and so it makes sense that there would be several different opinions when it comes to the subject of having kids.

Some people know they’ll be parents some day no matter what. Some people are on the fence before deciding one way or the other, and sometimes nature decides for us.

These 14 people are sure that they never want kids, and they’re open to sharing their reasons below!

14. It’s ok to be selfish.

I take care of what needs to be done. I have a good job. I have great people in my life. But I’m selfish with my free time. I need time to myself and I’m not willing to sacrifice that for kids.  I don’t even dislike them.

I have plenty of great kids in my life that I’ve watched grow up and I truly love and enjoy them. I just don’t have any desire whatsoever to be the one responsible for taking care of them.

13. Babies just don’t do it for them.

I’ve never felt that gooey feeling that people have when they see a baby. It’s always been very awkward when coworkers show off their baby and expect you to like it because it’s a baby.

Frankly they scare me a little.

The notion that all babies are cute and I need to gush over them is ludicrous to me. Like some babies are hella cute and it’ll make me melt, but I don’t see why I have to react like all babies are adorbs.

And I don’t need to see pics or vids of your baby on your phone. If I’m interested, I’ll ask.

12. It’s all the time.

They’re a massive financial and emotional responsibility.

11. There’s no maternal instinct.

I never had that “baby fever” “biological clock ticking” feeling either. I do honestly believe some women (and I am including myself in this) just don’t have that “maternal instinct”.

10. They know themselves.

I don’t know how to quote, but when you said:

If you don’t want kids. Please don’t have kids.

All I ever wanted was to be a mom, my whole life, and I finally had my daughter two years ago. It can be HARD. And this was something I desperately wanted, for over 30 years. I love my kid more than anything in the entire world, and would die for her. But it’s still F**KING HARD.

So if people aren’t sure, or are on the fence, just don’t.

9. It’s a firm choice.

I cannot stand people telling me ‘you’ll change your mind’. It’s an absolute trigger for me.

I’ve started telling them they’ll change their mind about choosing to have kids, and they look at me like it’s the rudest thing they’ve heard and I go ‘that’s literally what you just did to me’. It’s like people are oblivious to words they say.

8. Yeah you can’t do that anymore.

I want to do what I want, when I want.

7. It’s a hassle.

I don’t want to give birth and go through all that.

Adoption is a long process and a lot of money that I don’t have.

Kids are expensive

6. Not enough positives.

I was parentified as child to my 4 younger siblings. When I see a child now, I act nice but cannot wait to get away from it.

A child crying/screaming immediatly puts me in a angry/foul mood for the rest of the day.

I had my share of caring for kids, and have next to nothing positive come out of it…

5. The thought freaks them out.

Even the stuff that happens before birth always struck me as being a type of body horror.

There’s a part of me that thinks I would freak the fuck out if I tried or was forced to carry a pregnancy to term.

4. She’s had enough.

Mom raised foster kids from when I was 12. I’m not at all interested in more of that shit. I hate being around children thanks to this experience.

I’d probably make an ok parent but just not interested in that kind of work and sacrificing all of my free time to someone else for 18 years.

Plus I’m not at all financially stable enough for a kid.

I rent.

3. It’s a body horror.

My aunt became pregnant when I was 16. I remember one day she came into my bedroom and said “Hey! Check this out!!” and lifted her shirt. Her belly was rippling and moving. You could see huge bumps moving across her skin. At one point, I swear I saw the outline of a tiny footprint for a few seconds.

She thought it was adorable. I couldn’t bear to look at, let alone touch, her stomach. She insisted that it didn’t hurt at all, but it honestly looked like something from the movie ‘alien’. If you’re really curious, you can look up videos of babies kicking from inside the womb on YouTube to get an idea of what I’m describing.

I decided there and then that I did not want kids. It was honestly a relief when I realised I was a lesbian and that I would never accidentally become pregnant. Pregnancy is absolutely a form of body horror.

I don’t think I would be able to even look at my own belly if I ever somehow became pregnant.

2. You’ve gotta know your limits.

Can’t even take care of myself.

Lethal combo of mental health disorders (anxiety and depression) with chronic physical disorders (psoriatic arthritis). I can barely take care of myself and there’s no way I could keep up with a toddler.

Also, I really believe that every child deserves to get the best parental care possible. And if I can’t provide that, I don’t think I should have a child. However, I heap tons of love and care on my siblings.

1. They enjoy their free time.

I’m lazy. I like my free time. I like money (well, the little I have!). I like sleep. I’ve also just never had the instinct in me to want kids. I feel complete without them.

Plus it’s scary enough worrying about my own future, let alone the future of miniature humans I am responsible for bringing into the world. Rather give it a miss.

I think all of this makes sense, and everyone should be allowed to make the choices that are best for them and their family.

Why is that so hard?!