Most of us can remember the first time we spent the night away from home – in a strange house, with a friend, not like, at your grandparents’ house or something.

Most of us can’t remember the other times we stayed over with friends, and that’s because they were thankfully without incident.

That’s not the case for these 14 people, though, who saw things during sleepovers that they will never forget.

14. This cannot be real. Please.

I grew up in a very rural area of the southern US. A middle school girlfriend was having a sleepover and later in the evening her mom told us she (the mom) could talk to the spirits of dead people through her daughter.

She got her daughter drunk on wine and hypnotized her. I don’t know how long we sat in that room but a lot of time went by with her mom demanding spirits speak through her daughter. Her daughter admitted to all sorts of terrible things, supposedly dead people’s spirits speaking through her.

This was over 30 years ago and I still remember it. I remember the mom sitting in a chair chain smoking and her daughter slumped over in a chair, seemingly dog drunk, slurring confessions of murder, suicide, being killed etc. She told us sometimes spirits would manifest in such a way that her daughter would attack her and tear the house up.

It was really strange. Her daughter was a very quiet girl, the things that spoke through her were not like her at all.

13. What was that all about?

I took a bath and when I got out my friend told her mom I had soap in my v*g.

I never said that and her mom made me get back in the bath and washed my bits for me…so wrong now that I’m an adult and think about it

12. I am so glad this has a happy ending.

My best friend at the time had a birthday sleepover (group of 9 year olds, myself included). My best friend also happened to invite a kid that was often bullied at school. No one in our group had any problems with him and we just played like kids did.

When it came to sleeping downstairs after a fun birthday party, around 2am the bullied kid started crying quietly to not wake anyone up. I, for some reason, was awake and asked him why he’s crying. He begins saying that he can’t stand getting bullied anymore and wanted to kill himself. For my 9 year old self at the time, who had no concept of suicide and taking their own life, I could only remember thinking “why would he want to die lol”. It got to a point where I started freaking out because he wouldn’t stop crying. I called my best friends father upstairs, he came down and calmed him down.

The bullied kid’s parents came to pick him up around 3am because he would not stop crying. The poor parents didn’t know their child had been struggling at school, immediately got him counselling and his bullies were kicked out of the school after an investigation. From what I saw on social media last year, the kid graduated from University and is doing well.

Looking back, it was incredibly sad and terrible that a nine year old was thinking about taking their own life and I am so glad that I called my best friends dad’s help upstairs instead of ignoring him.

11. A strange dynamic, for sure.

5 of us at a friend’s mom’s house in high school (17/18) Woke up and there were 4 of us. One of the guys there was apparently in the mom’s room f*cking the guys mother

The worst part? Apparently it wasn’t a new thing, the mom had been picking off her sons’s friends and f*cking them to make her ex husband jealous.

10. This one is actually nice. Whew.

i had a friend who’s dad had a fish tank of piranha. I really wanted to feed them a hot dog but her dad told me they already ate. during the night i snuck down to where the fish tank was and there was picked clean fish bones in the tank. the dad was down there watching foot ball and he spotted me and asked if i still wanted to feed the piranha. Being a small piranha obsessed child i nodded and produced the hot dog i saved from the barbeque dinner we had.

it was the most terrifying and awesome thing i have ever saw. 10/10 would never want to watch three piranha go at a hot dog ever again. least not in person.

9. That will sour a friendship.

Wasn’t the night, it was the morning after. I was at a friends house in the Big city when i was maybe 8 or 9. I had gone to the bathroom for nr 1 and gone out. Nothing strange. Then my friend goes in after me and comes back out.

About ten minutes later his mom goes mental and screams at me. At first i don’t understand what it’s about but then She points me to the bathroom where there’s a big puddle of piss on the floor.

She made me clean up her sons piss, because he’d told her i had done it. Needless to say i didn’t really speak to my friend after that. Was an awkward breakfast.

8. That is so awkward and wrong.

When I was like 9 or 10 I spent the night at a friends house. I knew his mom was pretty strict but holy sh%t did I find out how much.

He did something really minor like leave his socks in the living room and she started shouting at him like he left a turd on the floor or something. Then he pissed her off again that night and she wailed on his a$s so hard that it scared me.

She was a psycho the way she was spanking and shouting at him. I hated her guts after that night.

7. That’s certainly a vibe.

When I was about 15, there was a couple in my cousin’s congregation that offered to host a sleepover for some of the teen girls. I was staying with my cousin at the time, so I went with her to their house for the sleepover. When I got there, I realized that this couple only had one kid, and it was a little boy, maybe 6 or 7 years old.

The couple set us five teenaged girls up in the basement (it was furnished and carpeted, not a creepy basement) and the wife set out a bunch of snacks and then we didn’t see her or the little boy the rest of the night.

But the 30-something Dad spent most of the evening with us offering us sips of his kahlua drink and leaving the liquor cabinet doors open when he would announce that he was going to another room.

I was creeped out, but I was so sheltered at the time that I didn’t understand why exactly until years later.

6. A “strain.” Yes.

The dad’s mistress came over. Apparently the mother knew of her existence and it had been putting a strain on things. My buddy and I hid in the basement while the wife and mistress were screaming at each other upstairs.

Shockingly did not cause a divorce.

5. This made me shudder just thinking about it.

A kid walked on the backyard monkey bars, slipped, fell, hit his chin, bit his tongue off.

4. That will leave a mark, for sure.

I was staying at my buddy’s house when his dad showed up. His parents were separated but divorce hadn’t happened yet. Apparently mom had a new boyfriend over and somehow dad got wind. I still remember hearing him pounding on the front door and screaming while his mom and the boyfriend yelled back.

Eventually the cops came and took his dad away for disturbing the peace or something like that. Same thing, we were huddled in the basement listening to all of it and then his mom came down and acted like nothing had happened. Asked if we wanted a snack or something.

I just wanted to go home.

3. Wow, this kid had some serious trauma!

I saw p*rn for the first time. We were watching movies on my friends tv and fell asleep watching. Must have been on Cinemax or something because I woke up in the middle of the night it was a p*rno of a man and woman in the shower. That was really awkward since I was 13 and hadn’t experienced anything like that. I was too scared to turn it off because her parents were up in another room and I didn’t want them to know I was awake. So I pretended to be asleep. I eventually fell back to sleep but it took forever.

The worst was her parents fighting. They would yell, curse, hit each other, and were always drunk. What’s the most f*cked up is I stayed their so often that it became sort of normal to me. I didn’t like it but it wasn’t something I could stop. I had so many weird and inappropriate conversations with her drunk mother. Conversations about me and my friends s^x lives or about her problems.

The worst was when he shoved her into a metal pole and it bent. I didn’t see it happen but that pole was like a twisted monument to the violence that regularly took place.

All the sleepovers there in my teens messed me up more than I thought. If I told my parents the whole truth of how bad it was I don’t think they would have let me sleep over.

2. It was his secret friend.

Found my friends older brothers anime body pillow, he had clearly did the dirty with it.

1. I’m stuck on that first sentence.

Girl put a massive Ant in her vag*na right in front of me like it was nothing.

same girl introduced my sisters and I to the “choke yourself out game”. where you take several deep breaths/hyperventilate and hold your breath until you pass out.

Whoever fakes it had to sleep alone. needless to say, my mom was pissed when she found us all unconscious in different areas of the bedroom.

I am dying. I would not be normal if something like these moments had happened to me, I swear.

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