Sleepovers are great when you’re a kid, but they’re also kind of a weird thing, right? You’re in someone else’s house, with someone else’s parents and someone else’s rules.

But I mean, there’s usually treats like pizza and ice cream and you get to stay up late, so usually we accept those invitations anyway.

These 18 people might have had some regrets afterward, though, because sometimes the pizza just isn’t worth it.

18. A very good friend.

When I was in seventh grade I had a friend stay over and she slept in my bed. We had drank Mountain Dew all night and around six in the morning I woke up to a puddle of piss. She wet my bed.

I was so mortified and repulsed that I rolled over and just pretended to be asleep. She woke up and used a shirt to mop up the piss. I never said a word but as soon as she left all my bedding went straight in the washer.

17. Dad calls ’em like he sees ’em.

My friends mom was a RAGING alcoholic but a very nice lady.

We snuck some girls over when we were in highschool. She woke up at 4AM to get some vodka and found us all.

She was really chill for about 25 minutes. Probably didn’t know what time it was and was worried that we basically caught her drinking at 4AM… She started making us pancakes and bacon and some iced tea. Then asked if we wanted some cookies…

When she put the cookies in the oven and saw the time and also that it was pitch black outside she FLIPPED HER FUCKING SHIT! called all our parents to come over and assumed we were all having sex and told our parents that.

It was a wild night. My Dad asked me what happened on the ride home and believed my story.

“You don’t look excited enough to have just gotten laid.”

16. Glad someone called the cops.

Not me but my sister. She was 16 and she went over to her best friend’s “sweet 16” birthday party where they were supposed to stay overnight. Now then, this gal’s dad was a quite unhinged individual and had some… peculiar methods for parenting. The day the party was planned he found out that his daughter’s grades dropped and she was about to fail a class or something like that, I don’t remember but he was PISSED.

But instead of doing what any normal parent would he came up with a plan of ruining his daughter’s social life completely by embarrassing her in front of all her friends or at least that’s the official version. Anyway the party went on uninterrupted until around 9pm when my sister crying and shaken called my dad to pick her up.

Apparently they were all sitting around chilling when her dad knocked on the door saying he’s got one last surprise for the bday girl and then barged in with his d*ck out exposing himself to them then chased them outside ordered bday girl to go back to her room and shut the door behind the guests. My dad was the first to arrive, called the cops and went straight to the house, rang the bell and clocked the guy straight in the jaw.

He got a sentence, then my sister’s friend moved away with her mom after the divorce and they lost contact. Her dad lived there for like a year but had to move as well because like in every little town no one really wanter him there anymore. I wonder what happened to that poor girl…

15. That’s definitely awkward.

I slept over a friend’s house once on their couch and his grandfather passed away that night in his chair, like 5 ft away from me. I didn’t wake up until two police officers walked into the room and his mom quickly grabbed me and walked me into another room.

All I could do was hear and everyone sounded upset, I was confused for the longest time until someone finally came in and told me that I spent the night with a corpse in the room.

14. No sleep that night.

One time I went over to my new friend’s house to have a sleepover and was immediately greeted with a room full of dolls. As soon as my mom dropped me off at her house she took me into this room that had the lights off and was filled with these porcelain dolls and creepy puppets.

There was so many that they filled up a whole sofa, the floor next to it, and even sat on shelves on the walls. What was creepy about it was that she immediately started to introduce me to them by their names. She picks up this really old doll that was pale with red glass eyes, and tells me that it was haunted.

She told me that another friend that had stayed over had a staring contest with it, and lost. When it was time to go to bed she showed me another doll and told me that this one liked to run around her room at night, and if I heard little footsteps, that I should just ignore them.

She even showed me another one that she said would bite you if it didn’t like you. I didn’t sleep at all that night and I never went over to her house again.

13. Those things ruin friendships.

My “best friend” when I was 13 was a girl from church who had an N64. I stayed the night at her house once in the hopes of getting longer access to gauntlet warriors.

Not only did her family breed rabbits, but she had a room long built in bookcase of furbies. Every time I moved, those bastards blinked their eyes and started talking.

12. That sounds great.

I went to a sleepover when I was like 6 & the girl who’s house it was at had a piñata it wasn’t her birthday or anything like that her mom just thought it would be fun.

11. No one would believe him.

When we were around 14, My friend Phil invited 2 of us over to sleep the night. We get ready for bed in our PJs and he says he has a magic trick to show us. He calls his dog, a big Labrador over and puts a towel over his head. He then gets on all fours and crawls towards the dog. The dog instantly becomes aroused and starts vigorously shagging Phils head. He’s just giggling wildly as the dog ploughs the towel on his head.

Me and my other friend just stare at each other wondering what the fuck is happening. Eventually the dog c*ms all over Phil’s towel head, Phil then grabs the towel and starts trying to wipe it on us for a joke.

I went into instant rage mode at the thought of Phils dog cum touching me, so i punched him square in the face. He burst into tears and shouted for his mum. When she ran into the room to see what was happening, she sees three teenage boys, a strangely wet towel and a very satisfied Labrador.

Phil then shouts, “Mum! they swore at me!” and points to me and my friend.. his mum then goes fucking nuclear, saying she wont accept swearing in her house, and proceeds to kick us out.

Ill never forget being stood in the dark on the pavement at 10pm in my PJs, looking back at the house where I just saw a dude go full bukkake with his pet dog, wondering how in the f*ck I’m going to get home, and how I’m going to explain this to my parents.

10. I think call the parents first?

We had a competition to see how long we could keep an avocado mask on. I won but also realized I was allergic to avocados, her mom tried to put essential oils on my face to cure my allergy. Made it worse and I had to have my mom pick me up

9. That information would be good before bedtime.

When I was in grade 8 I went over to my friend George’s house for a sleepover. We had a fun time playing video games and hanging out before going to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up to see George going out of the bedroom and walking down the hall. Figuring he had to pee I dozed back to sleep. A while later I was jarred away by this crazy bumping sound, and suddenly George appeared in the doorway holding a very heavy chair from the living room by a single leg. He looks a me and says ‘here, this is for you’ and tossed the chair into the middle of the room before turning and walking out.

I was freaked out, but his mother heard the commotion and came in and calmly explained to me that George was a sleepwalker. I stayed over many more times, with George reliably getting up and doing weird things on many occasions.

8. Whyyyyyyy.

Eating pasta at 3 AM while two of my friends LOUDLY f*cked on the loft just above us.

Can I consider it as food fetish?

7. I hope she’s ok now.

My cousin had a friend who always caked on the makeup. I never seen the girl without makeup. We were all getting sleepy and the girl with the makeup was still wide awake. Apparently she waited until we were all asleep and then washed her face.

She got up super early and I had to use the washroom and she was reapplying her makeup again. Looking back, I feel so bad for her, she must have had some self esteem issues.

6. I feel badly for Matt.

8th or 9th grade, I was spending the night at a buddy’s house. We get up the next morning, and his mom is passed the fuck out on the kitchen floor. Hard core alcoholic.

My friend wakes her up to get her to bed when she says “I puked in the car. You guys need to go clean it up.” I said “you’re on your own Matt” and noped on home.

5. Turn right around.

we walked in his house and his father was chasing the younger brother around with a belt like a fun game. oh and the kid was completely nude.

4. Nightmares for days.

10 years old. Slept over at my buddies place for his birthday. His dad let us rent Rambo: First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II. All three of us watched them. Eventually we fell asleep on the recliners.

I was nodding off when I noticed his dad staring at me. Just staring. I pretended to sleep and he just continued to stare, the whole night.

3. Sounds like quite a friend.

Stayed the night at a friend’s house when I was like 13 or 14. I fell asleep pretty early by our standards (i.e., before midnight) and awoke at 4AM with my nostrils on fire. Like burning, searing pain.

Turns out, he had gotten high and watched old cartoons. In one of them, pepper made someone sneeze, and so he tried to sneeze me awake by stuffing pepper up my nose.

2. Well that sound lucky all the way around.

The first and only sleepover I ever went to. It consisted of me (male) and my three female friends. And they knew I was straight, so I was surprised I was invited.

At some point during the night, it was mentioned that I had been single and lonely for a long time. By the time the sun came up the next morning:

-I had played my first game of Four Square

-I had watched Mean Girls and Clueless for the first time

-I got a back rub from each of my friends

-I ended up in the center of a cuddle pile

1. He might have saved his life.

When I was 11, I had a really hard time sleeping at other peoples houses. I guess it was sleepover anxiety.

My buddy had a nice big house on the other side of town, I even thought it was gonna be great cause his house is so nice and his family was great.

Had a great night. My buddy was lethargic but we had hockey that day and I just figured he was relaxed and tired or something.

20 minutes after “bedtime,” he’s already sawing logs. WTH we were gonna stay up and watch his brother play RE2. So I shook him up. He sits up, groans an inhuman groan and puked all over himself. He was mumbling and shaking. Scared the living shit out of me.

I seriously thought he turned into a zombie.

An hour later I’m in my dads car heading home. My friend was rushed to the hospital.

He had meningitis. He almost died. His neck was stiff from hockey (he thought). He was warm cause he sat by a fireplace while we watched a movie (he thought).

Visited him at the hospital a couple days later with a gift bag. We stayed friends for a few years after.

I eventually got over the sleepover anxiety. I can safely say I’ve been having sleepovers with my wife at our home for a few years now.

I’m not sure I would have accepted invitations anymore after some of these stories, but to each their own!

Do you have a wild sleepover story? Tell it to us in the comments!