If you’re a person of a certain age – a person who has children of her own, now, and probably has a cabinet full of your grandma’s hand-me-downs of her own – then there’s a good chance you had a standard issue grandmother.

Sure, they had different backgrounds and stories and personalities, but they all had the same crap in their houses.

Just check out these 14 pictures and see if I’m not right.

14. This cabinet was off-limits.

You still have no idea what was in it.


13. You needed three people to move this thing.

Not that they ever rearranged.

Image Credit: Twitter

12. Fruit magnets!

You could play with those for like, an hour while you waited on dinner.

11. Pot roast on Sundays.

You can almost smell it.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. Does anyone miss the plastic-on-couches trend?

What were we saving them for?

9. They were sort of chewy and sort of hard.

And they didn’t really taste like strawberries.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. There had to be better candy out there.

And yet we ate it. Because it was candy.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. It was rarely full of cookies.

Always a disappointment.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. Wilford Brimley used to sell them.

It’s how old people signal each other.

Image Credit: Candy Warehouse

5. Dinner cooks better in Corningware.

Even if it was all stained up.

Grandma’s casserole dish.
byu/StonersAndBoners innostalgia

4. We judged our grandmas, but…

It’s like some kind of compulsion.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. She loved her birds.

You have bird feeders now. Admit it.

Image Credit: Etsy

2. The stationary bike you literally never saw anyone use.

Just like you never use that Peloton. I see you.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. You’d better never touch this stuff.

Sentimental value, my friends.

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I loved my grandmother’s dearly and I sure wish they were still tottering around a house full of this stuff.

Which one of these gave you the biggest warm fuzzy? Tell us down in the comments!