The best advice about raising kids is that you should never listen to advice about raising kids – or at least, don’t take it too seriously, as every kid (and situation) is different.

The next best advice is to go with the flow, because everything is a phase that ends sooner or later.

If you’re raising kids, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be able to laugh at the job of raising kids – yours, and other people’s – which is exactly what these 14 tweets encourage you to do!

14. Only every 30 minutes?

Sounds like an exercise in restraint to me.

13. Someone has to stop the insanity.

At least for a couple of hours.

12. That last one, though.

All legitimate questions, I’d say.

11. “A bit” might be for awhile.

Let’s see how he plays it.

10. Make your choice.

I choose the potato chips, honestly.

9. Just when you think they’re making progress.

They do something like this.

8. They’re always watching.

Also, you’re raising a critical thinker! Go you!

7. RIP might be more like it.

Kiddo is about to learn the hard way.

6. I don’t see why not.

He’ll fit right in.

5. I guess he learned he’s not the boss of the Tooth Fairy.

Unless what he wanted was cheaper or easier than money, then by all means.

4. They’re so cute when they act like they have a choice.

They just want to have some control but also not die.

3. Why do they even try?

Millennial parents are down with the tech, son.

2. One would think she’s met several.

She’s just saying it because she’s supposed to, I promise.

1. It’s important to be practical.

Teach them young.

Kids are amazing and hilarious, and sometimes we just need to remember that, right?

What’s your favorite advice about raising kids? Tell us in the comments!