Some parents might not seem cool to their kids, but that’s only because they didn’t know them when – most of us had a time in our lives, back before responsibilities and bills and kids, when we were infinitely cooler than we are now.

That said, some people were objectively bada$s, even back in the day – and these vintage images of parents (and grandparents) prove that point.

14. Men’s men.

The grandfather looks like an actor.

My Dad and Grandfather. (1951) from OldSchoolCool

13. The 90s weren’t all bad.

Just ask Britney.

My mom, 1995 from OldSchoolCool

12. He looks as if he’s about to star on The Americans.

I love it.

My Dad embodying the 80’s from OldSchoolCool

11. What a perfect encapsulation of the 80s.

I could not love it more.

My mom & her Datsun 240Z, in California, in 1987. from OldSchoolCool

10. This picture tells a whole story.


Found this old picture of my dad from back in 1976. I feel like the picture captures an awful lot and tells a story. Figured this was probably the best place to share it. Have a Merry Christmas! from OldSchoolCool

9. I need to know her story.

Is it out there somewhere?

My great-grandmother who flew planes during WWII from OldSchoolCool

8. He’s got quite a smile.

It says a lot about him.

My dad in 1988 working at the GM Plant. from OldSchoolCool

7. Wow, she was beautiful.

And more than that, brave.

Mom, ran away from parent home to live her own life; Brazil,1968. from OldSchoolCool

6. You can guess the decade without a caption.

It’s just a classic.

My dad in the 70’s. from OldSchoolCool

5. Makes you reconsider any preconceptions.

It could have been taken anywhere, and she’s fabulous.

My mom, Vietnam. Sometime in 1970s from OldSchoolCool

4. The car is kind of stealing the show.

I’m sure the dad was cool, though.

My dad and his 1961 Corvette from OldSchoolCool

3. Her expression is my favorite part.

Though the clothes are a close second.

My mom in the 1970s from OldSchoolCool

2. More than a little bit.

Look at that smolder!

My gfs grandfather looked a bit like Di Caprio ( cca. 1950) from OldSchoolCool

1. There’s something about this picture that just draws you in.

What do you think it is?

Early memories of my mom (‘93) from OldSchoolCool

Image Credit: Reddit

I could look at pictures like these all day, honestly.

Did you have a super cool ancestor? Tell us about them in the comments!