Some parents might not seem cool to their kids, but that’s only because they didn’t know them when – most of us had a time in our lives, back before responsibilities and bills and kids, when we were infinitely cooler than we are now.

That said, some people were objectively bada$s, even back in the day – and these vintage images of parents (and grandparents) prove that point.

14. Men’s men.

The grandfather looks like an actor.

My Dad and Grandfather. (1951)
byu/clayru inOldSchoolCool

13. The 90s weren’t all bad.

Just ask Britney.

My mom, 1995
byu/elliebellu inOldSchoolCool

12. He looks as if he’s about to star on The Americans.

I love it.

My Dad embodying the 80’s
byu/Skylarkien inOldSchoolCool

11. What a perfect encapsulation of the 80s.

I could not love it more.

My mom & her Datsun 240Z, in California, in 1987.
byu/pookpook23 inOldSchoolCool

10. This picture tells a whole story.


Found this old picture of my dad from back in 1976. I feel like the picture captures an awful lot and tells a story. Figured this was probably the best place to share it. Have a Merry Christmas!
by inOldSchoolCool

9. I need to know her story.

Is it out there somewhere?

My great-grandmother who flew planes during WWII
byu/IAmThe2nd inOldSchoolCool

8. He’s got quite a smile.

It says a lot about him.

My dad in 1988 working at the GM Plant.
byu/SparkyBrown inOldSchoolCool

7. Wow, she was beautiful.

And more than that, brave.

Mom, ran away from parent home to live her own life; Brazil,1968.
byu/Ph1l1pp3 inOldSchoolCool

6. You can guess the decade without a caption.

It’s just a classic.

My dad in the 70’s.
byu/Zipatriarc inOldSchoolCool

5. Makes you reconsider any preconceptions.

It could have been taken anywhere, and she’s fabulous.

[deleted by user]
by inOldSchoolCool

4. The car is kind of stealing the show.

I’m sure the dad was cool, though.

[deleted by user]
by inOldSchoolCool

3. Her expression is my favorite part.

Though the clothes are a close second.

My mom in the 1970s
byu/mandiekitty inOldSchoolCool

2. More than a little bit.

Look at that smolder!

My gfs grandfather looked a bit like Di Caprio ( cca. 1950)
byu/oluja3003 inOldSchoolCool

1. There’s something about this picture that just draws you in.

What do you think it is?

Early memories of my mom (‘93)
by inOldSchoolCool

Image Credit: Reddit

I could look at pictures like these all day, honestly.

Did you have a super cool ancestor? Tell us about them in the comments!