In every profession, there are people who are in it for the wrong reasons. Bad apples, as they say.

That said, most of the people who get into teaching do it because they love children, and they see teaching those children is akin to shaping the future of our world.

If you want to be reminded that this fact is so, so true, then you need these 14 wholesome posts in your life – get ready to smile.

14. This made everyone involved smile.

And now it’s made us smile, too.

The best photography genre from MadeMeSmile

13. Sometimes we just need to hear that it’s possible.

Especially if there are people in our lives who tell us differently.

Teachers are the best from MadeMeSmile

12. What a brilliant and kind man.

And they learned something in the process.

Teachers are so much more than just educators from MadeMeSmile

11. She’s just doing her job.

Above and beyond, but still her job.

Teacher of the decade from MadeMeSmile

10. Sweets are awesome motivation.

Everyone knows that.

I’ve been working hard to catch up in my chemistry class and my teacher handed this to me today in the beginning of the class ;o; from MadeMeSmile

9. Good teachers really believe in us.

They want us to succeed.

An amazing teacher from MadeMeSmile

8. She must be doing something right.

Bless her heart.

I’m a high school teacher, and I found this drawing a student did when I wasn’t looking. It just made me so happy to see the smile that they drew, and I wanted to share. Also, if you’re a teacher who loves their students, keep doing your thing. from MadeMeSmile

7. This is about the purest thing I’ve ever read.

I want to give this man a hug. Once he gets away from the anthill.

Teacher appreciation 🙂 from MadeMeSmile

6. Teachers like encouragement, too.

They don’t need it, but they like it.

As a first year teacher during a very stressful time, it’s things like this note one of my seniors wrote under a bonus problem of his exam that remind me why I choose this career. from MadeMeSmile

5. They never know where their students might go.

But they prepare them all for good things.

AOC reconnecting with her 2nd grade teacher on Twitter today from MadeMeSmile

4. This makes my insides hurt.

Alllll of the feelings.

Teachers like this are awesome 🙂 from MadeMeSmile

3. Oh, my heart.

This teacher surely burst into tears.

My daughters letter to her teacher from MadeMeSmile

2. This meme is A+.

I’d never seen it before!

Everyday my band teacher shows us a meme to brighten our mood during quarantine from MadeMeSmile

1. They’ll go to great lengths to support us.

Always with a smile.

A+ for this teacher! from MadeMeSmile

I just can’t wipe the grin off my face, y’all.

If you’ve got a sweet story about a teacher, share it with us in the comments!