The semester is almost over, my friends, and if things keep trending up, we might have to only do this for one more semester. By autumn of 2021, anyone who wants a vaccine should have been able to get one, and our little darlings should be back under the care of other people for the bulk of the day.

All will be right with the world once again, but until then, try using these 15 jokes to get you through.

15. It’s funny because it’s true.

And it’s only funny because I’m not teaching.

14. Every last one of us.

Even if we have a PhD.

13. It’s gonna be rough.

But not on you.

12. Good luck with that.

And if you kid is in middle school, just forget about it.

11. That deserves full credit.

I’m sorry but it does.

10. It just means they feel safe with you.

Which should feel sweet, but…

9. We’ve never said “I’m fine” so many times in our lives.

And no, it’s never true.

8. That face, y’all.

I feel it deep down in my soul.

Distance learning
byu/MarinersFan28 inmemes

7. This is basically any time I have to answer the door.

Don’t ring people’s doors, y’all!

6. Panicked screaming is optional.

But likely, I’d say.

5. And it’s “whatever you want.”

As long as it doesn’t smell too badly.

4. That’s probably food on my chin.

Hopefully I’m sober.

3. It’s just like high school all over again.

And also college.

2. Oh come on, we’re not that old.

Even my Boomer parents have figured out Zoom.

1. It’s all we can handle bro.

And we’re not handling that very well.

We can do this, y’all – the end is in sight!

Until then…have any more jokes to share? The comments are open!