This is not a normal school year for many kids, parents, and teachers around the country. Instead of shooing kids back to school with a sigh of relief, parents (and teachers) are having to figure out how to manage their education at home.

It’s been frustrating, fun, hard, amazing, and every emotion in between for many people, which is exactly why everyone going through the school-at-home thing needs to read through these 15 memes together.

That way, you won’t have to teach your own kid for the next 10 minutes.

15. It’s the song that never ends.

It doesn’t really matter to most of us, though.

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14. There’s not any deeper meaning.


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13. Every time!

It’s hard to not be on Team Tesla.

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12. That’s not a bad thing…


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11. Everyone loves puppies…oh.

Not whatever that is, though.

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10. When you know, you know.

Now, could someone explain this to me?

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9. It’s the beginning of the end.

May as well accept the inevitable.

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8. That seems right.

Except it’s still not enough.

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7. Dad jokes are always allowed.

This is a pretty good one, tbh.

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6. They’re just so adorable.

Not the birds, though.

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5. I never thought I would sympathize with fungus.

But here we are – he needs scritches!

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4. Ok so maybe it doesn’t work for everyone.

That rat is kinda cute, though.

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3. He’s earned that grumpy face, okay?

Stupid trees.

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2. They just need to know!

I can respect that.

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1. We may have been hasty.

Please don’t leave us.

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I’m doing the homeschool preschool thing, so I can definitely relate!

Are your kids at home? Tell us the best and worst parts in the comments!