Some people with kids want to pretend like life is all sunshine and roses all the time, but listen…everyone else who has kids knows that’s crap, right?

Kids are great, we love them, they’re adorable, but there are 24 hours in every day, and no human person, no matter their size, is great and lovable and adorable for all of them. It’s impossible.

So personally, I appreciate parents like these 15, who give us peeks behind the curtain no matter what is going on back there.

14. That might be the way they world should work.

But unless you find the perfect partner…

13. The silence was too much.

Her brain didn’t know what to do with it.

12. And you somehow feel like more of a winner in those moments.

I don’t know what parenthood does to your brain.

11. They learn from watching us.

And they’re always watching. Especially when they’re supposed to be sleeping.

10. She’s trying to make it as hard as possible.

I guess she doesn’t understand how math works.

9. We’re fine.

The world is burning down around us but we’re smiling. (We’re insane).

8. They definitely need something right now.

It’s usually nowhere near this important, though.

7. If only it actually helped you lose weight.

The opposite, in my experience.

6. We’ve had this one bus for 3.5 years.

It never, ever shuts up.

5. I actually think they’re immune to the Lego.

Or they just pretend to be to establish dominance over US.

4. It’s important to do things as a family.

Especially very useful tasks.

3. Aww, look at how he’s grown.

Definitely not the man you married, but that’s ok.

2. Oh yes just your brother.

Take a look in the mirror, kiddo.

1. My favorite thing about mornings with kids is how no matter how early you get up they get up too.

Yes, that sound you hear is me crying.

See, life is insane, but you’re not alone!

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