15 Interesting Food Combinations Created By Kids

Image Credit: TikTok


Kids are a total contradiction. When they’re toddlers, they go through a stage where they don’t want to eat anything except macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. When they’re teenagers, they’ll literally eat anything, and tons of it.

And somewhere in the middle there’s a right of passage where they invent food combinations that are truly disgusting – but are dubbed interesting and delicious by these mysterious, previously picky eaters.

Here are 15 “interesting” food combinations that will turn your stomach (if you’re over the age of 12).

15. “Pizza Taco”

I like the decision to go with BBQ sauce, honestly.


i called it the “pizza taco” 😩 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #snackbreak #xyzbca

♬ original sound – belspies

14. The “Three M&M’s Ball.”

The middle is a Three Musketeers.


new challenge alert- recreate your childhood snack inventions!! #childhoodsnack #challenge #inventasnack #snackventions #wheniwas7iate #foodfam

♬ original sound – belspies

13. “Crackers and PB with a Twist.”

I don’t eat peanut butter, but this looks kind of genius.


So addicting tho 😛 #fyp #InTheHouseparty #snacks #yearbook2020 #fyp #peanutbutter

♬ original sound – belspies

12. “Oatmeal Dip”

It looks fairly healthy…except for the sprinkles.


can oatmeal dip become the new pancake cereal pls #vegan #veganteen #oatmealdip

♬ original sound – belspies

11. “Pizzadilla”

The addition of the ketchup sauce did me in.


Pizzadilla #foryoupage #fyp #cookingtutorial #snackideas #snackhacks #cheeseslap #cookingtutor #ketchuplover

♬ original sound – belspies

10. “Fairy Crackers”

More sprinkles! Because kids.


At least I think I made this up #fyp

♬ original sound – belspies

9. “Lil Rollups”

You can’t forget the mayo.


#weirdsnackcheck #weirdsnack #weirdsnackchallenge #homeproject #fyp

♬ original sound – belspies

8. “Warm Apples with Granola and Honey”

This honestly looks delicious and healthy and I refuse to believe a kid made it up.


don’t knock it till you try it #fyp #snack

♬ original sound – belspies

7. “Berry Pasta”

I feel like my kids would definitely eat this.


Sweet pasta: mash up some fruits of choice , add in the pasta and top with granola #snack #childhood #pasta

♬ original sound – belspies

6. “French Toast Latte”

12-year-old Ava was way ahead of her time.


the french toast latte. 12 year old ava’s specialty. #recipe #homework #swag #pov #cups #coffee #eatwithme

♬ original sound – belspies

5. “Condiment Sandwich”

I mean. I do love condiments.


Don’t knock it til you try it #InTheHouseparty #fyp #cookinghacks

♬ original sound – belspies

4. “Goldfish Nachos”

I don’t know about this…but I like the hot sauce idea.


i present goldfish nachos & before you bully me try it #goldfish #latenightsnack #franks #fyp #foryou #homeproject

♬ original sound – belspies

3. “Raspberry Surprise”

This looks like something a fancy baker would put on top of a cake.


idk if i invented it but this shit slaps #InTheHouseparty #cookinghacks #YoplaitCupRelay #yearbook2020

♬ original sound – belspies

2. “Cereal and Mozzarella Casserole.”

This one is a big fat no. Barf.


i LITERALLY made this every morning for three years.

♬ original sound – belspies

1. A “Fancy” Drink

I need to know if this kid grew up to be a bartender.


You’re Hispanic or in New Orleans you’re like this

♬ original sound – belspies

I don’t know, y’all. I don’t remember doing anything like this, but I do remember dipping lunchmeat into a bowl of mayo and mustard, so maybe it’s not that strange.

Did you create a “delicious” food combination as a kid? We want to hear about it (I think) in the comments!