I think the reason I am laughing so hard at this mom’s little fail is because it’s definitely something I could see myself doing – easy enough when you’re looking for some (any!) way to entertain your kids at home.

And I only have 2 little ones – mom Tara Blaesing and her husband have five!

Noel (9), Ben and Imogen (5), Alex (2), and Josephine (9months) have all been going a bit stir crazy – and making it hard for mom and dad not to do the same – in the house.

So when Tara saw that a Facebook friend had marked herself “interested” in the “Show Some Love. In Town Car Cruise” that would be starting at her kids’ school, she figured it was a fun way to get the kids out of the house.

Who doesn’t like a parade, after all, and being in one? The kids were pumped.

Tara told Buzzfeed that she “thought it would be fun to participate to get the three middle kids out of the house and give my husband a little peace and quiet.”

She realized her error as she pulled into the school parking lot and saw that every single car there was a hot rod, muscle car, vintage car, or the like…and she was in her “soccer mom Chrysler Town and Country.”


She pulled into a parking spot (where a random guy was taking her photo – hilarious) and tried to figure out how to remove herself. Then, she looked in the rearview mirror and saw her kids, so excited to be in the parade, and knew she had to just go along.


When the cars began to pull out of the lot, she “put on an embarrassed smile” and followed.

Like a boss! 😀


Her hilarious predicament has been shared 18k times (at last check), probably because it is so relatable and wholesome and funny.

Even though her 9yo is slightly embarrassed about the attention, Tara says that the best thing about the whole thing “is the positivity it has generated.”

It’s a good day when parents can laugh together, shrug, and give a little fist-bump for surviving another day.

Fancy car parade in a minivan and all.