Kids are hilarious, it’s true. Also, they will eviscerate you with burns so hot you’ll have no idea how to treat them – or what to say in response – and give no cares whatsoever.

And we still feed and clothe and house them. Because it’s illegal not to, but also because they’re cute I guess.

No one is dumping these 15 hooligans out on their butts anytime soon, anyway.

15. There was an incident.

14. Oh my God…this is not funny.

13. I mean…just sigh.

12. When they technically follow directions, but you still want to kill them.

11. My mother would lose it.

10. A little smartass in the making. I approve.

9. Mom, we need to talk.

8. Hopefully, someone carries a pocket knife.

7. Here’s hoping sister finds it first.

6. A bold move from someone who still gets money from their parents.

5. That’s one thing to do when you’re bored, I guess.

4. Those aren’t the emojis you want to see.

3. It kind of makes you feel loved and watched all at once.

2. There is no escape.

1. No more Star Wars for you.

Kids really are about the best thing to get you through the rough days. Unless they’re causing the rough days.

It’s a toss-up.

What’s the funniest/meanest thing your kid ever said?

Share it with us in the comments!