We all go a little feral when we spend too much time on our own, but since little kids have had less time to learn to navigate social situations, they tend to return to their “natural” heathen states much faster!

Like these 15 bundles of joy, who are definitely going to need a bit of coaching before easing back into society on a regular basis.

15. My kids fought over who got to start the dishwasher this morning.

And wanted to do it!

14. It’s like they inherently know how to hurt you the most.


Have kids they said…it will be fun they said
byu/Bryan31285 infunny

13. He’s going to make a great dad someday.

Not a great husband, but a great dad.

12. I’m not sure your school is going to get that accreditation.

I mean, it should, but it probably won’t.

11. It seems like she was focused, though.

Also, you’re about to get a written pitch for a new dog.


10. They’ve been working on that schtick for awhile.

I would still get that Zoom priest, though. Just in case.

9. Four seems like a lot.

How about none? That’s fair.

8. He’s not going back to preschool, though.

Those kids are leaving the house for full days and that’s not negotiable.

7. I am actually wheezing.

Give this kid his Emmy.

My friend’s kid’s homework answer.
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6. I would really be tempted to say yes.

Because what even are rules anymore?

5. That’s one step away from smothering.

But also, I bet it really kept her quiet.

4. It’s a whole experience.

I’m not sure what sort of experience, but certainly an experience.

3. And it’s one we don’t have to wash!

Or you know, pick out every day.

2. What’s the difference between oranges and pineapple, really?

I mean, both are wrong on pizza I’m just saying.

1. I guess I don’t really see the problem.

A face mask is a face mask so call it a win.

Pissed neighbor kid in battle armor
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I’m dying, but also, I’m wondering if I’m going to need some of these lessons myself.

How are you planning to ease your kids back into social interactions?

If you’ve got ideas we want to hear them in the comments!