Marriage, am I right? As far as I can tell, it’s mostly about no one wanting to pick what’s for dinner, always needing something from the grocery store, and yes, those little adorable habits that have turned into reasons for justifiable homicide in the span of a few short years.

Then, there are the small things we don’t even realize we do every single day because our partner does them – they’re no big deal, not a reason to get divorced, but depending on the day they can definitely grate on you.

Below, 15 men are sharing theirs.

15. My husband could sympathize about the hair.

Hair in the bath.

Irony is she feels bad about it , but I don`t care that much.

And lights on.

14. Jokes on you, then.

My wife left a “facial cleanser” in the shower for so long it started to start getting mildew under it. So one day I found it missing and I texted my wife all excited like “Hey you’re finally cleaning up that science experiment in the shower!”.

Turns out she was just replacing the bottle but had no plans of cleaning up the mess. After I started sending her pictures of how gross it was, she finally cleaned it up.

13. I don’t lock my doors but also I don’t leave anything worth stealing in the car?

Oh, and I will give one about my neighbor’s wife. Lock your damn car. She is a moron and constantly leaves doors open and never locks anything and they’ve had things stolen from their car 5 times in the last 6 months so thieves know to come through the neighborhood and it affects all of us. We’ve talked to her about it and she claims we are “judging her” and just a neighborhood full of assholes. Husband gave up years ago and doesn’t engage at all.

12. In time you will learn…not to get pissed.

Not spouse but girlfriend.

She never puts the light out before going to bed even though she’s always lighting a lot of lights that i never touch. She also spreads coffee cups all over the house and puts the coffee filter in the sink and leaves it there until the next time she wants to make coffee.

I definitely go screw it i’ll just do it myself, but i also get pissed.

11. Because she expects you’ll do it now. That’s your doing!

I’m in the same boat as far as staying up later than my GF. I always turn off the lights and blow out the candles we have going despite who lit them.

The other night I was pretty tired and went to bed before her. I wondered while dosing off if my gf would blow out the candles that she lit. I woke up to use the bathroom that night and they were still burning.

10. And they’re always back in the fridge.

She doesn’t screw lids on properly so I’ve developed an aversion to lifting bottles and jars from the top in case I make a mess.

9. She obviously doesn’t watch the murder shows I do.

Lock the doors before bed. Which is very concerning because i work 24 hr shifts and i am not there to lock up every time.

It could be that she forgets when im gone, which i dont think is the case. Which means when im home she thinks “f*ck it he can lock the doors, im going to bed”

8. My husband does this too!

Whenever she visits her parents house, she’ll help prep and cook. She’ll later complain to me that their knives are garbage, and wants to buy them a new set.

Little does she know that her parents never sharpen their knives, and I sharpen ours every week.

7. I should start doing this for my husband.

Plugging in her devices before we go to bed. She is terrible at charging her phone, tablet, and laptop overnight. I always walk through and make sure they are plugged in and ready for her in the morning when we wake up.

6. You definitely learn to pick your battles.

Fortunately, there are only a few small things, but they include: not closing certain drawers that are at ball height, not lowering her makeup mirror so it doesn’t blind me in the morning, not putting away a few clean dishes we left to dry on the counter. Can’t really complain and it’s not worth fighting over.

5. Finding complimentary skills is not overrated.

Paperwork. My partner absolutely hates paperwork so I do all of it – taxes, forms, even his resume…

I used to get so angry about this, and once I was fed up and made him do the taxes. He got so over-the-top stressed trying to do them that I suddenly understood that he is not being lazy, he just legitimately hates paperwork. So now I do it all and he does all the car maintenance (because I despise car maintenance.) Teamwork makes the dream work.

4. That’s quite a list.

Close cabinet doors, throw away tea bags,
gas up the car, lock the door, clean any
part of any bathroom and pay the bills.

3. It’s so close just put them in!

Put dishes in the empty dishwasher. She has this habit of stacking crap next to the sink instead of taking that simple little next step.

The weird thing is that she is so damn organized and hates clutter, but this never bothers her.

2. I can’t wait for the day my husband just tidies without expecting a damn medal.

Picking up after herself. It usually involves leaving her makeup all over the place, or not cleaning the stove after making a particular messy meal, or leaving her clothing piled on top of her dresser for weeks on end. And they say guys are the messy ones

1. Samesies.

My wife knows my Reddit user name.

She does everything perfectly. She is beautiful and no one works harder than her. Truly the perfect woman in every way.

I am the luckiest man in the world. I am nothing without her.

Ok I think that’s enough to get her to skip this.

She will not take the garbage out. Ever. Not to the pail. Not to the curb. Will not take the can back in. Outright refuses to deal with garbage or recycling ever.

I love these because they’re so real. I could make a short list of my own, for sure, but never turning off lights would definitely be on mine.

What would be on your list? What do you always do for your spouse and never complain because it’s really no biggie?

We’d love to hear about it in the comments!