One of the more fun things about being part of a family is being able to give other people sh%t and knowing they aren’t going to get mad and walk away forever. They can’t walk away from blood, you know?

Kids tend to take this advantage to the extreme, though, be it harassing their siblings, cousins, or even their parents – and these 15 kids are never letting their parents forget these petty fails.

15. Classic dad move.

Mom always finds out.

14. It was ONE TIME.

This kid is going to make an amazing spouse one day.

13. That’s a pretty big goof.

Heartbreaking for a kid, honestly.

12. And every other time they were perfect.

My kids would have a holiday without cinnamon rolls THEN WE WILL SEE.

11. She can’t be left alone.

Woman clearly doesn’t eat soup. Or at least she doesn’t enjoy it.

10. To be fair, that does sound disgusting.

But also it’s eggnog, so it was probably hard to tell.

9. He can never refuse her anything.

A lifetime of penance.

8. She can no longer be trusted.

But they’re not going to pack their own lunch or anything.

7. Mom was just trying to bake healthier.

We all know how that usually turns out.

6. But they can’t remember a dang thing you said five minutes ago.

Their little minds are mysteries.

5. Just trying to spice things up!

Words no child ever wants to hear about dinner.

4. That mom was totally mortified.

I guarantee she still hates that story.

3. Do they think things that look sort of alike are interchangable?

Or they think kids won’t notice, maybe.

2. It’s nice to know they remember the good stuff, too.

Even if they don’t talk about it as much.

1. They were both scarred for life.

Literally and figuratively.

I mean, I kind of hope my kids are this hilarious. It’s better than the alternative.

What petty fail will your kids not let go? Make us laugh about it in the comments!