Ah, bedtime. It’s the bane of many a parents’ existence, and even if you’ve got angel children who love to sleep and typically listen when you tell them to do something, they will take advantage of bedtime at one point or another.

It’s in their DNA; they can’t help it.

That said, these 15 parents have had it up to here, mister, so it’s time to go to bed.

15. That sounds about right.

And sort of like a good idea.

14. They will win that game.

It was a good idea, though.

13. You can do this.

Now get back in there.

12. Rookie mistake.

They’ll outgrow that when they outgrown stuffed animals sorry.

11. Just read your book.

And don’t tell your mother.

10. Go ahead and shake your fist at the sun.

It doesn’t care, though.

9. I mean will she put him to bed?

Because that changes my opinion on her.

8. One of them definitely knows where it is.

You’re not waking them up, though.

7. Let his imagination run wild.

Maybe it will put him to sleep.

6. Eventually you’ll get to acceptance.

They’ll wear you down.

5. They can do SO many things at once.

It’s like they’ve been training for bedtime all day.

4. That’s excellent parenting right there.

Any song will do, so pick a good one.


3. Definitely choose something boring.

A textbook, perhaps.

2. That’s called karma, people.

I would be giggling for hours.

1. This is actually a really good question.

Now go to sleep.

I want bedtime to be lovely, but it’s just not.

If you’ve got tips for making it easier, leave them in the comments!