People don’t talk enough about how you can fail miserably even if you really, really try – and these 15 parents had to learn that lesson the hard way (and probably not for the first time).

15. Dad’s going to need a quicker trigger finger.

14. The worst part is how expensive lotion is.

13. To be fair, the toddler totally could have done that.

12. You didn’t drop the baby, so call it a win.

11. These are amazing.

10. Just go ahead and smother Pooh.

9. Hey, mom’s got a lot on her mind.

8. This made me snort.

7. Parenting is hard.

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6. Eh, they’ll figure it out eventually.

5. I know it’s a ‘1’ but I can’t even see it.

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4. And another one. A “tree” this time.

3. You lost something.

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2. It’s funnier that the kid never said anything.

1. That’s definitely going to come up in therapy.

Try, try again, right?