Fame is fleeting during your school days, but most of us had at least five minutes for one thing or another – and it was definitely a toss-up whether we wanted it to last forever or couldn’t wait for everyone to move on.

Me? I won Worst Driver for backing over someone’s foot in the parking lot. Good times.

These 15 people are opening up about what they were famous for in school, so try not to laugh too hard.

15. A popular Trekkie.

I was the QB and PG, but, a super nerd so all my geek friends showed up to the games and cheered for me with weird math rhythms and gave the other players Star Trek-based nicknames and would yell them ‘lovingly’ at players.

You couldn’t tell much in the football games, but you could hear it in the gym for basketball and it was pretty hilarious especially seeing how the other teams reacted.

14. A pro at skipping.

Not being there. My yearbook teacher nicknamed me “the missing link” (with an accompanying picture and caption in the yearbook). My senior year I missed 93 days of school (making my total well in excess of 200 days for high school).

The summer I graduated the school board implemented a formal policy where any student who missed more than two weeks in a semester had to repeat the semester.

13. A scavenger for life.

I was called a trash picker and garbage boy in school. My family was dirt poor bc of bad financial skills (father was schools janitor and mother often between jobs. They spent all their money of credit fueled vacations and shopping sprees so I had to eat from trash when we were poor but made too much for discount lunches).

Used to be the only way I had anything was to pick from the trash. Trapper keepers were highly prized and I picked mine from the trash and fixed the binder clips. In high school I had a dozen gameboys when everyone got game boy colors and threw their old ones out.

Probably why I am a scavenger to this day and sitting on a recliner chair that I found on the curb

12. The guy in the wheelchair.

I was absent just as much from high school, but I wasn’t ‘famous’ for my absences, I was ‘famous’ for being crippled.

I was the only kid in the school out of ~2000 kids who was in a wheelchair, so pretty much everyone knew who I was, the guy in the wheelchair, but almost no one actually knew me. But yeah like 95% of the time at school, I was ignored/ostracized entirely by everyone, and 5% of the time I would get bullied.

Either way, it was an unenjoyable experience and I developed an attitude of just not wanting to go to school, I would miss 2-3 days per week, every week, all four years of high school (so I was absent basically 50% of the time).

Under normal circumstances the school would have sent someone like me to truancy court, but they wrote off my absences as being because of my disability and never took any action against me or even said anything about it all four years.

11. A mean face.

My resting b*%ch face 21 years later still got it.

Someone came up to a few weeks ago I went to s hook with and they said wow still have a mean face..but your still really nice lol

10. He was a chameleon.

Depends on who you asked. I dressed like the typical 90’s heavy metal kid, long hair and all, but played violin. Sometimes in the commons area. The art teacher had several things I made on display too. Most people knew or at least recognized me for that.

Other people knew me because I sold weed and playboy/hustler magazines.

9. A bunch of cool buttons.

I used to wear buttons with different weird slogans every day for two years and never had a repeat. People would stop me to see the latest one.

My favorite one was “43% of all statistics are worthless.”

8. Bless your heart.

Mainly having a nervous breakdown.

7. The quiet kid.

I was also the quiet kid, but to a different level. I never spoke in some classes. I remember one of my teachers said that her favorite student was her favorite student because “he never talks”… half the class looked at me, the other half looked at the other quiet kid.

I also had a class where I never spoke, until the last day. My teacher was so excited that I actually spoke for once.

6. No one was harmed.

Let me premise this with no one was hurt, and my teacher fell out if his chair laughing.

I was a Techie in high school. During a specifically awful rehearsal of a show the school was putting on, I was working lights up in the balcony as our Tech teacher (who couldn’t take the musical disaster anymore) sat below at the director’s booth. At some point he sarcastically said into our headphones, “Someone please just throw a wrench at me.” So, I did.

5. Our worst nightmare.

My unfortunate period (menstrual cycle) day.

We had to do PE in our school uniform (khakis). We were all sitting in a circle doing that stretch where your legs are spread and you try and touch your toes, of course the whole class got to see.

The color of my face about matched the crotch of my pants

4. It probably turned out ok.

Being a nerd….

Honestly, it’s weird when you think you largely fly under the radar only to find out that everyone in your year knows you for being a nerd (especially in a year when I notoriously did not put any effort into school and was busy with other hobbies).

Like, thanks I guess but why do you gossip about me so much?!

3. A California girl.

Senior year of high school I moved from the west coast to a small town in east Tennessee.

I was known as the California girl, and some people called me Cali or California. They made fun of my accent in a friendly way, but once they learned I didn’t go to church they stopped trying to be friendly with me.

Not as interesting as some other comments but that’s my story.

2. Definitely creepy.

I was thin and had huge breasts. Got poems written for me because of this. Sadly even teachers noted and joked about it, i went by the nickname Jessica Rabbit.

This seems creepy looking back.

1. The Bean Machine.

Farting. A lot.

It got so bad that my nickname became ‘The Bean Machine’, and the slightly less popular ‘Super Pooper Trooper’. Got so bad that when the teacher sat the whole class down to speak about name calling because of my nickname, I farted and the teacher has to tell me to go outside because of the stench.

My most vivid memory was when one of the ringleaders called me it during a lunchtime and I just broke down. My twin sister found me crying behind the school dumpsters. ):

It’s all of these years later and no one has forgotten. Formative years indeed!

What will your classmates remember you for? Our comments are open!