When you’re a kid, everyone is “famous” for something. Whether it’s some weird body trick they can do, shooting milk through their nose at lunch, wetting their pants into elementary school, or something actually good, like being great at sports, we all had our “thing.”

I have a theory that what that thing was influences what sort of adult you are now, so humor me – check out these 18 people’s replies and see whether or not I’m right.

18. He had the meats.

I used to steal entire trays of burgers and hotdogs before they changed the system, and resell them at slightly lower prices at the other end of the school.

17. Because girls like long…names?

My full name is 22 letters long. More often than not, my name would decide the width of the name column in every class I was in, and therefore stood out quite a bit.

I only wish it was not a boys-only school.

16. A hero for our times.

I changed the whole “teachers take the phone if you use it” thing.

I live in what can be considered the hood, 99.95% of the school’s students had immigrant parets, & more than half were of african or middle eastern descent, so our very white teachers & principal were fucking barbaric.

It didn’t matter what for, if they caught a glimpse of your phone they would take it, & the rule was that they got to keep it for three full days, without giving it back.

When I was in the ninth grade (school went from fifth to ninth) we had to write arguementative texts about whatever subject we wanted, so I chose that rule.

Of course I mentioned that students shouldn’t text, play games, browse online etc during class, but that it was bull that the punishment was the teacher keeping the phone for three days. The text was long, aggressive even, & I said that they could “keep it for the remainder of the class, at most until the end of the school day in the case of students disturbing the class & giving an attitude”

We had to read our texts in front of the class, but my anxiety filled a$$ begged my teacher to only read it for her, but after hearing it she asked me to read it to the school board (thank god for this woman omg, a saint among those racist vultures) & the rule was quickly changed to “teacher may only confiscate a student’s phone until the end of their class”

Omfg I had everyone kissing my feet for that. The teachers were cartoonishly evil at one point

15. Again with the names!

Being the guy with the really polish last name.

14. That’s an image-killer.

Getting knocked on my head before school one day and having a seizure. It was before they opened the doors so everyone outside saw what happened and then the ambulance came and I was awake but I was blacked out and my friends told me I tried to fight the paramedics off.

I don’t remember anything from hitting my head to coming to in the ambulance with some type of amnesia, I didn’t know who I was or where I was and I was strapped down so this made me panic even more and I think I tried to spit on the paramedics so they covered my face with the oxygen mask and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t turned on. I couldn’t breathe.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life and it still kind of haunts me to this day. When I woke up they didn’t try to tell me what happened, the didn’t say shit to me to try and calm me down. They just kept telling me to be quiet and calm down.

How the heck can I calm down when Im strapped down and dont know what the hell is going on…anyways, I was the seizure kid.

13. There’s a feather in your cap.

I was known for being the most bullied person in our year group! I found out about this when I left and somehow matched with a guy from school on tinder a few years later.

It went around a few year groups, so even people I’d never met recognised me. Very odd!

12. On the right track.

On a Spanish test one time we had to read a short story then write about it . I didn’t know how to say the river was dirty in Spanish but I knew how to say it was full of s*%t.

I thought about it and wrote the river was full of s*%t on the test . I got full credit and everyone in my class thought it was funny as hell.

My teacher said I was on the right track so she gave me full credit lmfao.

11. Woof.

My role was the famous “He went to school with us?”

I felt like a ghost walking the halls. Nobody seemed to see me.

I remember in 12th grade a girl turned around to me and said, “what’s your name?” and then asked to see my lecture notes.

The crappy thing is we had been going to the same school since kindergarten! We had a dozen or so classes together over the years! She didn’t even know my name. Felt so insignificant.

10. I have no words.

Not me but a friend of mine. One day my friend, let’s call him Jim, found out the email address to email the entire school. Jim then realized that using the same address but altering the school name, he could email each school in the county.

Jim the proceeded to email the entire bee movie script to all the high schools in the county. Jim will be remembered forever.

9. That’s…special.

My nickname. My name is “Adam”. My parents were happy because they named my brothers and I with impossible names to shorten(into nicknames) but in my case they were wrong. I grew up in the 1980’s and you will no doubt understand why that’s relevant when you hear what the other kids decided to call me.

They shortened my name “Adam” into “AID’s.”

My nickname for 40 years has been Aids.

8. That was just his face.

For looking tired and high all the time. I’ve never done drugs in my life. lmao

I don’t know if I should be amused or offended that me looking high all the time is so highly upvoted…haha..

7. A time traveler.

In grade school one day I pretended I was from the future. For shits and giggles. But then over time it kinda turned into a thing. Eventually it got to the point where it would do more harm than good to admit I was not from the future.

I don’t recall how it happened, I just remember wishing people would stop asking me if I was from the future because I didn’t want to talk about that anymore.

Not much different from potato guy in retrospect.

6. That’ll do it.

Setting myself on fire in chemistry.

5. That escalated quickly.

Quiet, religious, but suspended for an alleged bomb plot

I’m a girl; I was a sophomore; I printed the directions for what amounted to a firework off the Anarchist’s Cookbook.

School admin went relatively bananas.

4. An epic choice.

Was more than 35 years ago now, but in high school we watched Gandhi in Social Studies. I was so influenced by it I wore a bedsheet to school one day and preached non-violence.

Luckily I did have Adidas shorts underneath as it got repeatedly tugged by just about everyone.

3. A Coke dealer.

My school removed soda machines, so I became known for selling coca cola relatively quickly. Made decent money too!

Some teachers were in on it and supported me because all vending machines had coke products removed, not just student machines.

2. His fame preceded him.

Being the school hackerdude. My daughter found out twenty years later when a retired teacher turned substitute took attendance in her class.

Got to her name, said “I remember that last name, he took over all the computers in the school!”. The rest of the class turned to look at her wide eyed.

That was when she started to learn about her dad’s past.

1. It was probably more like a town, too.

In high school I was called ‘The city girl’ cause I was in a small town & grew up in the city.

I was definitely not famous for anything cool, y’all. So.

What was your claim to fame as a kid? Let us know in the comments!