Teachers are awesome, but like with every profession, there are people who didn’t get into it for the right reasons.

Some people are just bullies, and enjoy having even the tiniest bit of power over others – and when they’ve got a school rulebook behind them, will cite students for the dumbest stuff.

These 15 people’s infractions really take the cake, though – wow!

15. That seems like none of his business.

Not in trouble but I got called down to the deans office cause a girl was really into me and I wasn’t about it.

So he called me down to tell me not to make it weird for her.

Yeah… that happened!

14. That seems unreasonable.

So I was the good nerdy kid in school. My sophomore year we had a new principal and she saw some video that showed a guy with 12 guns hidden on his body.

The new principal made a rule that your t shirt had to be shorter than your fingertips at your side. I’m a small guy so all my shirts were non compliant.

So long story short I was sent to in school detention for the first time in my life.

13. Why does nothing change?

When I was in 9th or 10th grade, I threatened to light a kid on fire when he tried to touch my boob. Then, we both got in trouble.

I wasn’t particularly outgoing or popular, but every girl in the school(6-12 magnet) had a rally thing where they got together in the forum(basically a huge room in the middle of the school beneath the stairs and stuff) during lunch and started telling stories of being harassed and assaulted in school, and how the teachers reacted(or didn’t most of the time). Parents showed up. It was a fiasco.

Nothing changed tho. I dropped out junior year.

12. You reap what you sow, my friend.

The calculus teacher at my school would simply chuck board markers over his shoulder into the students when they started to run dry.

One time a guy caught the marker and chucked it back toward the teacher.

It bounced off the board and hit him in the nuts.

11. This made me laugh.

A student teacher told me and two other students to put our desks in a circle.

I said three desks make a triangle, not a circle.

She kicked me out of the class for the day.

10. I wonder WHY.

The entire room was talking while the teacher was trying to get people’s attention.

Nobody was listening no matter how hard she tried.

Well, everybody except for the one black kid who was sitting there quietly.

She ended up directing her anger at him, removing him from the classroom.

9. He probably realized he’d gone too far.

I got in trouble for participating in a group science experiment.

The class was divided into several groups, 4 or 5 students per group. We didn’t have benches for experiments since it was a standard classroom, not a science lab, so the equipment for each group was placed on a desk. My groupmates were crowded around the desk and there wasn’t really room for me, plus it was a simple experiment, so there wasn’t anything for me to actually do anyway. So I sat at an adjacent desk (facing our group’s equipment), watched what my groupmates were doing, and took notes.

The teacher decided that I “wasn’t participating”, which wasn’t entirely wrong I guess, but refused to let me explain that there wasn’t room for me or anything for me to do, and that I was taking notes on the experiment.

He made me sit in the hall for the remainder of the class period and gave me detention, which I didn’t bother showing up for. Never got in trouble for skipping detention, which I thought was kind of weird.

8. It’s not a review, sir.

Yawning too much.

I was tired.

F**k them.

7. Rude.

It was Halloween and decided to give out candy to my other classmates. We’ve been friends from kindergarten to 11th grade since it’s a charter school and I already know the gist of who’s allergic to what.

Decided to give some out for Halloween with permission from my home room teacher and then got detention after school from my math teacher because I didn’t ask.

Straight up crazy.

6. Dear heavens.

One time I was talking about how I went hunting with my dad over the weekend and the school made me talk to a counselor about it.

5. What is “navy enough?”

I got in-school suspension because I wore blue tights under a dress, they were not a school approved color. This was my senior year of high school, my school decided to enforce a dress code.

Navy was one of our colors but apparently my tights weren’t navy enough. I was a straight A student who never got suspended till this.

4. Dang it, Pam!

I got detention for holding hands with my boyfriend in the hallway. I was 13 man.

I also got sent to the principal’s office because in 11th grade for “reading too fast.” It was that bi*ch of a substitute teacher, Pam.

Everyone hated Pam. She had a gross, wet, moist cough, all the time. She sent kids to the office for literally anything.

3. This makes me livid!

In the late ’90s high school had a keyboarding class to teach people how to type on computers you know home rolling row and all that s***.

I had already been playing MUDs for a few years by then so when I took the class instead of typing you know 15 words a minute with some accuracy I was typing about 115 words per minute with accuracy.

So after blowing through all the ‘material’ I would end up just helping others which is basically just reminding them to feel for the bumps and the keyboard and keep practicing you can do it.

I was told I was cheating and given an F.

2. That’s not right.

In middle school I was truant, skipped a few times and often had bad grades.

In high school I somehow was able to view my disciplinary record for that school and apparently I had walked by a teachers room and ‘shone a laser in her eye and then proceeded to run from her and hide in the restroom.’

Which I had never even owned a laser pointer let alone done that. So they put somebody else’s record on mine or made up something about me.

1. Sounds like someone needs a vacation.

I was unconsciously tapping my head with my finger. I wasn’t annoying anyone (or so I thought), since there was no sound produced. Anyway, my teacher asked me why am I “PUNCHING” myself in the head. What?!

looked confused for a few seconds, being like “Are you talking to me?”. She then proceeded yelling at me and stuff, saying how what I was doing was “disrespectful”.

The other students were whispering about what the hell is wrong with her.

I would have to go and see the principal if my kid got into trouble for anything like these, y’all. Come on!

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