When you’re a teenager, you think most rules are dumb – or at the very least, that they don’t always apply to you.

The things that are off-limits at school can seem arbitrary and annoying, which is probably why so many of us break them.

These 17 people have some weird stories – they’ll make you shake your head, but as an adult, you can probably sort of see the other side, too!

17. I hate bathroom rules.

Needing to use the restroom.

Some teachers are straight crazy.

16. That’s a pickle.

Algebra teacher yelled at me for asking for help. He told me “Don’t ask me. Ask your partner first”.

Then i turned around and asked my “partner” for help. He then yelled me at again “Don’t ask her. If you need help ask me”.

15. Common sense, people!

Not putting my jacket and back pack in my locker. All of my classes were on the first floor and one end of the building. My assigned locker was on the second floor and in the furthest corner from my classes.

The administrators refused to move my locker… so pretty much every day this one teacher would write me up and I got a couple in school suspension for it.

Finally after a few meetings I got the principal involved and she essentially told the teacher to leave me alone.

14. This makes me angry!

Reading a book.

Apparently the head of History found me sitting on a bench reading across from her office window “intimidating”.

13. I would be in trouble sooooo much.

For rolling my eyes.

Teacher shouted at me in front of the whole class.

I didn’t roll my eyes.

12. What on earth.

In 3rd grade I got 10% taken off one of my tests for spelling my name wrong. When I went to go tell the teacher I knew how to spell my name she sent me to the principal for “smarting off”… yeah I know how to spell my own name.

My parents wanted my name to be unique and went with an extremely uncommon spelling on top of a rare name. I didn’t get sent to the principal, but my first grade teacher called a parent-teacher conference to impress upon my parents that I refused to spell my name correctly and I had a shitty attitude, because I 100% knew my name’s spelling and I loved it, and I was frustrated with this dumb witch of a teacher who seemed to hate me for some reason.

My mom was furious and chewed my teacher out for making her leave work early for something so stupid.

Shockingly that incident did not make my teacher like me more.

11. Someone has issues.

Two month into the first grade I got suspended for lightly touching the arm of the teacher.

This wasn’t the first time I got in trouble with her. She was very very strict and I grew up with my rather laid back mother and I’ve been to a lets call it hippie kindergarten (Kinderladen). So she was my first real authority person.

We were standing outside at the class room door, there was a lot of noise and I wanted to tell her something but she did not listen. I do not remember what it was. So I touched her arm lightly to get her attention.

I got suspended and the school janitor watched me until my mother picked me up.

I did switch schools after that to a much more understanding and patient teacher.

10. How do you ruin clothes with water?

It was pj day, we were washing our hands for lunch.

I accidentally got a little water on another kid’s sleeve, teacher FLIPS out how I ruined the kid’s “expensive” pajamas (the kid didn’t even care!)

9. I’m stuck on the gendered entrances.

We had a girls entrance and a boys entrance at my secondary modern school (U.K.) in 1972. I was 12 and proud of the result of my first visit to a proper grown-up hairdressers; what we now call a “mullet” but back then was known as a “feather cut” and was extremely fashionable for both boys and girls at the time.

I was in the crowd going through the door when a teacher roared “You boy! What do you think you’re doing?”. Being very much a girl I didn’t take any notice until I felt The Hand Of Impending Doom on my shoulder.

It was my own form teacher who didn’t recognize me without my waist length ponytail.

8. That sounds a bit anal.

Washing my hands wrong.

My kindergarten teacher didn’t like that I flicked excess water off my hands before reaching for the soap.

She kept me there for a while until she finally gave up on me.


7. I don’t know where to look first.

Jesuit high school. Detention was called ‘jug’ it stood for justice under god. It was in 30 minutes intervals of sitting in silence doing nothing after school. If you missed it without an excuse, it doubled.

There was a school rule that you had to check the jug list every day. Well, I didn’t. I was given two units intended for a kid with a similar name to mine. So by the time I realized I had jug, it doubled to 16 units.

I explained my situation to the go in charge of discipline he saw my point and removed the original 2 units.

But, since I broke the rule of checking the list, I had to do the other 14.

6. Is that against the rules?

I doodled on my jeans in 10th grade and the assistant principal literally pulled me out of class and called my aunt to come get me.

When she got there, he just started going off and pointing to me with “Look at what she did!”. My aunt just rolled her eyes and said “She’s 15, I don’t know what you expected.”.

5. That’s a bad day.

I once got in trouble for scratching my ear in second grade. She thought I was plugging my ear while she was talking. Even when I calmly explained to her that I wasn’t.

4. If you’re going to get into trouble you should get to really say the word.

I saw a dust devil for the first time and said “what the”.

I got in trouble for it.

The teachers said “You could’ve said a bad word!!”


3. They’re called consequences, people.

Two things, getting bullied and trying to get help from staff, and yelling at a guest teacher because they wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom so I announced to the class that I was bleeding from my vagina

2. That probably won’t have the desired effect.

Went to a new school for a few months in high school. Every student had to have an ID badge around their neck, visible at all times. If you got caught without your ID for whatever reason you’d get detention, however you could get a temp ID from the office for the day.

Forgot my ID at home one day but didn’t notice till after 1st period. So not wanting to risk getting caught by a teacher I went to the office before 2nd period to get a temp. The secretary said it was very responsible to get a temp instead of trying to be sneaky about it for the day. Then in the very next second she wrote me out a detention slip for not having my badge all throughout 1st period and breaking the rules.

Never understood that rule. Looking back I honestly think it was just a skeezy trap to get students to turn themselves in for some dumb reason. Public school is asinine.

1. Because it’s…rude?

Saying “hi” to the vice-principal.

To this day, I have no idea why I got nailed for that.

I hated her.

When I was a senior, I got in big trouble for stealing For Sale signs and planting them in our vice principal’s yard.

So yeah, vice principals SUCK.

Boo hoo!

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