You never truly know a person until you’ve lived together in the same space for some amount of time – but that amount of time drops dramatically when you’re both stuck inside together pretty much 24/7.

Some of those things are endearing and cute, while others might make you want to run screaming into the night, but if there’s one thing these 15 posts teach us, it’s that they’re all pretty funny – as long as they’re not happening to you.

Day and night. Repeat.

15. As Elaine Benes says… “that is not a good look for a man.”

“We’ve been using the lockdown as a trial run for moving in together. Well, I already knew he walks around naked, but he really likes walking around naked. Like, really likes it.” 

14. I, too, learned this terrifying fact too late.

“I learned that my husband doesn’t shut any lights off because he is never ‘done in there.'”

13. You mean some people DON’T do this?

“He sighs. He sighs all the time — not for a particular reason, just to let more air out of his lungs than usual. And every day by 2 p.m. he puts his head in his hands in despair.” 

12. He’s obviously a pod person.

“I learned that my fiancé has never seen The Wizard of Oz, though we’ve seen Wicked on Broadway twice!”

11. Does he just bite straight through the peel like my toddler?

“My husband doesn’t know how to peel an orange.” 

10. Our biology education is sorely lacking.

“Just learned my boyfriend thought women peed out of their vaginas. He’s nearly 37.” 

9. Like…but you have a toaster?

“I just learned that my husband microwaves bagels.”

8. Hahahahaha oh the humanity!

“My husband pronounces Keanu Reeves like ‘Canoe’ Reeves.” 

7. The things you argue about when you have nothing else to do.

“Apparently, my husband, who was born in 1978, believes that he will be 43 — not 42 — on his birthday next month. I had to subtract it out for him ON PAPER before he would stop arguing with me about it!” 

6. He’s still processing, I guess.

“My husband didn’t know that the banana fruit is tri-segmented. He refuses to talk about it, now that he knows about it.” 

5. My brain seriously cannot even compute this.

“My husband doesn’t do the edges of a jigsaw puzzle first. He just dives right into the middle like some kind of jigsaw psychopath.” 

4. You’ve never seen his toes in FOUR YEARS?

“Four years in, I finally saw his toes. And now I realize why he’s been hiding them from me — nails so thick they’ll break the nail clipper. Talk about gross!” 

3. The fish/mammal that swims thing can be confusing.

“My boyfriend is very smart, but apparently he thought whales laid eggs, even though he knew they were mammals.” 

2. I need to know where he learned said skills.

“Just found out my husband can braid hair — where were these skills when I was injured and needed the help?”

1. And now he knows he married someone who is super into gender roles and stereotypes, I guess?

“We’ve been married for 10 years, and I’ve just discovered … that my husband — who is as stereotypical a straight dude as it gets — LOVES Les Miserables. He even knows all the words to the songs!”

I’m going to go ahead and assume that people still married and/or dating after all of this is over are going the distance.

What have you learned about your romantic partner since moving in together?

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