One of better things to come out of this year is the internet’s challenge to post a photo of “how it started” vs. “how it’s going.” People are choosing to showcase all sorts of accomplishments and changes, from relationships to kids to careers, and yes – their pets.

If you’re an animal lover, there’s no way you’re not going to love these 15 “how it’s going” updates.

15. He knew he was home.

He chose his people.

14. Look at the difference!

That smile says it all.

13. The change in his expression.

It just warms your heart.

12. It’s all in the eyes.

That is one content pooch.

11. What a handsome kitty!

I’m sure it was a long road.

10. He or she looks 10 years younger!

I want a boop.

9. I feel certain she got the better end of the deal.

Don’t ask me how I know.

8. She just needed someone to take her home.

What a floof.

7. You guys I can’t.

And he loves cats!

6. Why do so many people not take care of dogs?

Breaks my heart.

5. Poor ol’ mama.

Can’t leave her on the streets in that condition!

4. They grow so fast.

He’s still her baby though.

3. Just look at that floof!

How could you not love?

2. That doesn’t even look like a dog.

I guess she fed it after midnight.

1. Look how safe he feels now.

They all deserve that.

I can’t do it, because my first beloved pupper is passed. Maybe in another couple of years!

What’s your favorite picture with your pet? Share it with us in the comments!