My bestie and I met when we were 7, and even though we don’t even live on the same continent anymore, not much has changed between us. At a certain point, a person is more family than friend, and equally as impossible to shake – not that we’d ever want to.

If you’ve had a best friend for a very long time, these 15 things will make total sense.

If not, well, I’m sure your friends are just fine.

#15. Your parents are her parents, and vice versa.

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In high school, you sometimes forgot whose house was whose.

#14. You can bitch about anyone in your life because they know everyone, too.

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That one lady from work that you went to happy hour with once? Yep, her too.

#13. The fact that you’ve been friends so long is both awesome and depressing.

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Over 30 years now, here.

#12. You know you’ll be friends forever.

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We’re already making plans to live Golden Girls-style when we inevitably outlive our husbands.

#11. Honesty is the best policy.

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You can say brutally honest things to each other and still come out closer than ever.

#10. You probably met when you looked something like this…

If you can love each other like this, nothing can phase you.

#9. No topic is off limits.

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Literally nothing.

#8. You have so many inside jokes you could win a game of ‘Taboo’ without breaking a sweat.

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And you don’t ever need another teammate, ever.

#7. They know your entire history.

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It saves a lot of time when you want to talk about the past.

#6. You’ve got a ton of blackmail material.

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Not that you would ever use it, but you know it’s there.

#5. There’s no one you’d rather discuss your Tinder dates with.

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What even are men thinking?

#4. You can (and do) fight, but you both know it’s not a big deal.

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It would take way too long to break in a new friend.

#3. You make each other laugh, sometimes over nothing at all.

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It just feels right.

#2. You can talk about everything, but you don’t always have to.

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There’s no one you’d rather sit next to, both scrolling through your phones.

#1. You never get tired of each other.

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In high school, your parents told you to “take a break,” so you went home for a few hours, took a nap and a shower, and got together again.

All true!