A Clever Dad Made Himself a T-Shirt That Encourages His Kids to Give Him a Massage


There are few things in life that are better than getting a back massage, and what is the point in having kids if they’re not going to give you one at some point?

Father and software engineer Ken Kawamoto apparently agrees because he designed a brilliant t-shirt with a hidden purpose – it makes your kids actually want to give you a back massage.

Photo Credit: Twitter

He got the idea when he was laying on the floor on his stomach and his son started playing with his toy train on his back. Ken figured that as long as the kid was doing it, he might as well be hitting all of the right pressure points.

Photo Credit: Twitter

His son is into trains (obviously), so the t-shirt has a railroad on it that has areas labeled “right shoulder,” “left shoulder,” “spine,” and “lower back.” That way he (or you) can give accurate directions as far as where the train is needed next.

If your kid also loves using you as a toy, you can order the t-shirt in a bunch of different colors.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Finally, having kids pays off!