There are some things that moms just can’t help themselves from saying. And now that I’m a mom, I have stopped in disbelief at how much I sound like my own mother on more than one occasion. But it seems there’s nothing to be done about it…

So, my kids will likely have these 15 things ingrained in them the way my mother did to me and hers to her.

15. Short, sweet, and true.

14. “I’m just saying” was invented by moms.

13. Only the bad stuff, obvs.

12. Every mom to every teenager ever.

11. Okay, but this one is seriously not cool.

10. Moms know just how to deploy the guilt, even if they’re not around.

9. She might have been wrong about that one.

8. She never said that was a bad thing.

7. No, you just thought you had something to cry about.

6. I guess you should have cleaned up.

5. It’s a dirty word.

4. This works for pretty much every situation.

3. This only flies when she truly doesn’t care.

2. You’re not sure, but she probably can, so you give her the benefit of the doubt.

1. She has reasons, but sometimes she doesn’t have all day to explain them to you.

Time honored, so there must be something to them, right?