There are way too many great tweets about parenting out there, with more piling on every day, for anyone to be able to keep up with them all.

That said, since we’re about halfway through the year, we did think it was a good time to go through some of our favorites from the first 6 months of the year-that-shall-not-be-named – and here are 16 we think it would suck to miss!

16. It depends on their mercurial moods.

But also 99% of them love attention.

14. We never knew we could be so bored and so not bored at the same time.

Literally in the same moment – boredom and anxiety coexist.

Image Credit: Twitter

13. We all know who’s really in charge.

But seriously, dads, at least try to convince your kids you are also in charge.

12. If only they would DO what we SAY.

And not just memorize it for mocking purposes.

11. Is this funny or just plain wrong?

You’ll have to decide…but it can probably be both.

10. On one hand, I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to fix themselves dinner.

But also then I bet they’ll eat way more food without my knowledge.

9. Back when parents were not fun.

And they didn’t even think about caring about that fact.

8. Everyone knows that field day is more fun than graduation.

There’s actually nothing fun about graduation the event.

7. Ahhh the sweet sounds of a mouth banjo.

Nothing like being stuck in the house with that beautiful noise.

6. No, but Grandpa had to stay inside because of the polio.

Among other things (vaccinate your kids).

5. My kids would LOVE this.

Time to add something else to my husband’s list.

4. I was prepared to feel guilty.

But not guilty enough to limit screen time right now.

3. All of this seems pretty spot on.

It’s just what dad’s do, so why fight it?

2. Syrup is yummy, and we like Europe.

Idk whatever makes you laugh these days.

1. Ask an honest question, get an honest answer.

It’s the best policy and all of that – teenagers know.

These are definitely high on the list of the best things about 2020.

It’s a short list, as one might expect, so you gotta embrace the good stuff when you find it.