Kids are so cute, guys, and one of the most adorable things about them is that they are truly discovering everything about the world and the beings that live in it for the first time.

They’re not dumb, they’re new here!

Here are 16 kids who were completely, adorably gobsmacked and confused by the reality of life on earth.

16. Making sense of English is hard.

No matter how old you are, tbh.

15. I can see how this happened.

Also…I think it could work.

14. Who knew Vaseline could be a gift from the gods?

Anything that stops them talking for five whole minutes.

13. Why not a “cloth?”

Because I think I could really get behind that one.

12. Yeah, because who wears wool?

It’s so itchy and we love sheep.

11. You really never can tell.

Perhaps that’s where her son got the idea.

10. No wonder my kids love Amazon so much.

Transformers have always been the bomb.

9. Yeah they are.

Sing it, little feminist.

8. Is there a story about how they got trapped?

She should definitely write it.

7. He’s not wrong though.

If we were just describing them by their personalities, I mean.

6. Because she doesn’t understand sad.

This is kind of beautiful.

5. Oh my god she’s going to do amazing things.

And completely delight the first man she poops in front of, I’m sure.

4. It really leaves you wanting more.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a good cliffhanger.

3. That will level some playing fields.

Does he know what/where breasts are, though?

2. The best comedy is funny because it’s true.

So he’s definitely onto something.

1. I’m going to be thinking about this for awhile.

Should we start a petition?

Kids and their curiosity are less adorable when it’s the same question 50x in a row, am I right?

What’s the funniest misunderstanding you’ve ever had with one of your babies? Tell us the story in the comments!