I mean, we’re all just getting it done one day at a time, but some of us are better at getting creative when presented with the challenges that parenting and kids throw at us every single day.

As a mom, I’ve gotta tip my hat to these 17 parents, whose out-of-the-box thinking is truly inspiring.

1. As long as they’re safe, I don’t see the problem.

The expressions on their cute faces say they’re worried, though.

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2. My kids would be 100% jealous if they saw this.

Heck, I’m a little bit jealous!

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3. This is absolutely beautiful.

Way better than the Mickey cake I made last year.

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4. While you’re at it, cut yourself some slack.

These are not average days; forget average screen time rules.

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5. This seems like pretty much everything that’s wrong with the world.

But I mean, ruining Titanic is good parenting so maybe they offset.

6. My kids would suddenly decide they didn’t need any toys.

They’re clever like that.

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7. Cute, but they won’t get it.

Not until they’re older, at least.

8. Parents working from home have it rough.

We’re all muddling through as best as we can.

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9. Anything to get them to eat their lunch.

Even turning into Voldemort, apparently.

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10. I love this idea.

You get rid of monsters AND your kids rooms smell better!

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11. Any day can be Halloween if you try hard enough.

And really, why not? Everything else is crap, so if it makes them happy…

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12. Do kids even know about Scooby Doo?

Also those wheels don’t touch the ground?

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13. I mean, you can’t go to the salon.

It might not be professional, but it’s better than nothing.

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14. Absolutely never judging someone getting it done with three babies.

I would lose my ever-loving mind.

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15. This mom is way nicer than I am.

Just drink the darn medicine and then sip some water, kid.

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16. She looks like she’s in a padded cell for heaven’s sake.

I mean…there’s not even carpet?

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17. Some days are all about survival.

Any parent who has been through it knows what I mean.

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I never would have considered some of these things, how about you?

If you’re going to try any of them yourself, let me know which in the comments!