At this point, I have to assume there are more Disney lovers in the world than not. Even if you want to rail about corporate greed and monetizing childhood, listen – it’s still magic.

If it’s the kind of magic you crave, these 16 memes are going to tickle you pink.

16. I don’t think a more perfect comparison has ever been made.

I’m going to be angry forever that I didn’t think of it first.

15. I mean there’s something for everyone.

A spoon to your fork.

14. Disney is nothing if not consistent.

You’ve gotta give them that.

13. Most of the time there isn’t.

But you never know until you look.

byu/KristinaW192 inDisneyMemes

12. It gets truer and truer…

And then it takes a turn.

11. Prince Charming is a himbo.

I don’t think you can prove me wrong.

10. If only we could see this made.

It would definitely work.

9. Do you have a VCR, though?

You probably do.

On that budget Disney+
byu/tyarecalifornia inmemes

8. A movie starring the sidekicks.

How have they not tried this before now?

7. One of these things is not like the other.

But that’s just the way we like him.

6. A happy accident.

For all of us, really.

5. I mean…why not both?

And look at the perfection we received!

4. Nailed it.

No further comment needed.

3. There is no going back on that bold of a statement.

And so…

2. You can add Ron Swanson to anything.

I’m not sure it makes it technically¬†better,¬†but it does give it that certain something.

1. Yeah talk about self esteem issues.

I never thought about it before and now I can’t stop laughing.

Honestly, these memes are lit even for casual Disney fans, don’t you think?

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!