When you get pregnant for the first time, you might dream of giving that baby a warm bath, nursing him or her as they get sleepy, and snuggling that warm precious soul into oblivion.

Sometimes, that happens – but not most times.

As they grow into toddlers and then preschoolers and you realize that sleep is a thing human beings can only go without for so long, you’ll identify more and more with these 16 parents, who are so, so ready for bedtime.

16. I don’t understand why, though.

But he’s not wrong.

15. You’re reminding yourself, really.

And trying to make sure they’re not psychopaths in ten years.

14. It only feels that way.

Though sometimes it is really that way.

13. If you think your kid’s list never ends.

It’s a joke. None of their lists ever end.

12. Challenge everything.

If you keep talking you can’t fall asleep.

11. They do like to stay hip with the times.

And look, they’re making you woke, too.

10. And moms with anxiety.

Melatonin for everyone.

9. Points for being clever.

But no.

8. We all start out as the first parent.

And end up the second one.

7. Some days I’d rather face Fury Road.

Especially if Charlize Theron is there.


6. No one can suspend that much disbelief.

We’re not buying it.

5. He’s living the dream and doesn’t even know it.

Wait thirty years and talk to me, kid.

4. I don’t think Dante ever made it that far.

Think about the people with more than two kids.

3. Because the kids never went to bed.

If they think you have plans they will outlast you every single time.

2. You just bought yourself a sore back, mister.

Because you’re not leaving that room anytime soon.

1. Excellent joke.

Now go to bed.

I’ve been these parents before, and I’m sure I will be them again!

If you’ve got any tips and tricks for getting littles to sleep, please share them in the comments!