In general, I am in the camp of letting people enjoy the things they enjoy while keeping my comments about those things to myself (if I don’t personally enjoy it), because you never know what’s going to blow someone else’s skirt up, right?

That said, it can be cathartic to find out that you’re not actually the only one who just doesn’t get a popular thing – so scroll this list of 16 “cool” things that other people just don’t really get.

16. An entire culture.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

My friends treat it like March Madness, like with a bracket and everything. They each pick who they think is going to “win”, bet money, then get drunk and yell at their guy when he fucks up a date. Hands down one of the funniest Monday evenings I’ve ever had.

15. Definitely not your interests.

The trending page of youtube. I literally only check my home page and subscriptions.

I have to swap from my personal account to a work one from time to time to download video files. Sometimes I’ll forget to swap back at the end of the day and go to YouTube and wonder how anyone watches the stuff that’s on the default homepage.

Also makes me realise just how well YouTube/Google know my interests.

14. And yet you do know.

Logan or jake Paul boxing idk which is which.

Out of all the celebrities I wish I didn’t know existed, they are definitely near the top.

13. It’s so bad for the environment.

Balloon releases.

When my dad died my mom was (rightfully) super distraught and although she’s not religious or even spiritual really, she wanted the whole family to feel like we could “say something” to him so she got us to write something on paper, throw it in an envelope and tie it to a balloon to release.

I didn’t participate because my dad was very much an environmentalist. Keeping the planet green was his thing. but I guess everyone grieves differently. (Please don’t crap on my mom for doing that, she’s a sweet lady who suddenly had to be a single parent to three teenagers)

12. All of the good food.

Milkshakes/Burgers that look amazing but are logistically impossible to consume enjoyably.

And shitty pop music about margaritas, chicken fried steak, tractors, biscuits and butts that masks itself as country.

11. These make me so uncomfortable.

Any youtuber influencer/vlogger who does pranks and bulls*%t apology videos.

The preview pic for the video is always the generic “surprised look” face, they start or finish every sentence with the word “guys”, and it’s always some goofy ass dude bro.

“Hey guys, today we’re gonna prank my ethnic friend Jamal. Why him? It’s so we get black viewers too, guys. Also there’s going to be one of two female best friends standing around me giggling too sonwe nail that female teen demo. Okay guys, so we put COKE in Jamal’s PEPSI bottle and guys, this is gonna be insane guys, because when he realizes what he’s drinking, OMG guys he’s going to lose it! Okay guys here we go, and don’t forget to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome prank vids!”

10. I have a hard time with so many of them.

Like 95% of television series. Idk what’s wrong with me but I’d rather rewatch shows I’ve seen a million times.

I was reading a psychology article that people sometimes prefer to rewatch familiar shows if they are prone to anxiety or stress because removing the “unknown” factor of what will happen in new shows with the familiarity of “known” plots is soothing and less stressful.

I gravitate to repeating the same shows when I am stressed so I tend to agree with that assessment.

9. I guess it’s a job now.


I always thought “influencer” was a bit of a joke, until I worked with grown ass adults who actually followed them, got inspired/informed/jealous of them, etc.

Turns out they do genuinely influence people.

8. Just boring.


They’re uninteresting as f**k. I don’t care about if they’re pregnant or not or what clothing they wear. Celebrity, royal, politician… All boring people.

I even don’t really care what the members of my favourite band do privately… I just enjoy their music.

7. Is this really a thing?

Pretending to get arrested on Tik Tok

it’s like a few cringe videos that blew up from being so cringe and people making fun of them

6. Sometimes they’re funny.

Any social media trends/challenges in general.

5. They’re guilty pleasures.

Reality tv shows like big brother or singing shows like the voice.

I knew a guy that was on an early reality show. They gave him a makeover. Here we are like 16 years out and he has the hairstyle they gave him faithfully maintained to this day. He hasn’t been on one show since.

But he tries really hard to get recognized. Now nobody even remembers the show.

4. 100% agree with this one yeesh.

Gender reveals.

When my wife was pregnant people would ask “do you know what you’re having?” and I would always say “god I hope it’s a human!”.

3. There might be a reason for that.


I have yet to hear an explanation of NFTs that doesn’t make them sound like the stupidest things ever.

2. Is this still going on?

The Kardashians.

Will not be keeping up.

1. A whole thing.

From currently being in Las Vegas, I can confidently say Las Vegas.

Too many people totally unaware of their surroundings. You get a second hand high just from walking down the street, and you can’t spend more than 3 minutes in any casino without your eyes burning from the cloud of second hand cigarette smoke.

Also I have never seen so much space dedicated to shopping malls, yet somehow there is literally nothing worth even stopping to look at in any of them, unless you want to drop a couple grand on overpriced wallet.

Some of these I totally agree with but others are crazy to me.

Go ahead and sound off in our comments about the popular thing you actually can’t stand!