Every person who went to school remembers the kid that no one liked. The kid that was creeped people out, that would have been most likely to do something bizarre or heinous…

And when you’re a kid, you don’t think as hard as you should about things like compassion and mental illness and what might be going on at home or what kind of trauma or hell, just what it feels like to be different.

These 16 people are looking back, and even with the benefit of hindsight, these people are definitely super weird.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (probably).

16. Someone definitely needed to do something.

I’m a dude and have only babysat someone’s kids maybe two or three times. One of those times, I was babysitting 2 brothers and their step sister, who was 14. I was 16. I was wondering why she didn’t just babysit them herself and soon discovered why.

My first impression of the “trouble” child, as his parents called him, was this kid ripping Barbie heads off and impaling them with screwdrivers, then beating up their decapitated bodies with GI Joes in addition to other…lewd acts. Yup. A little after his parents leave, this little shit comes up to me and starts bragging about how he chased his step-sister around the house with a fucking knife when she was babysitting them. She meekly concurred that this did, in fact, happen. The fuck.

I looked that cunt straight in the eyes and told him I would fucking end him if he even thought about pulling that shit with me. He seemed to get the picture. I plopped his ass in front of the tv, put on a movie, and told him to be silent. Also made him bring me snacks later on. I basically decided to make him my bitch since I had no plans to babysit them again anyways.

I ended up seeing his parents a few weeks later at Target and they said hi to me. To my surprise, they told me how much the kids loved me and wanted to have me back. Guess that kid was desperate for some kind of father figure to put their foot down or something…definitely some daddy issues there. Guess he didn’t like his step-dad or whatever, maybe he was afraid of asserting himself too much on his wife’s kids or something. I dunno, fuck that noise.

15. Everything about this sends chills down my spine.

Not my kid, but my nephew. He’s 10 years old and is being taken out of school for homeschooling. He’s had major trouble learning and fitting into the classroom in general.

The “weird kid” aspect is this “crush” that he has on a girl in his class. I hesitate to say crush, because it’s full on creepy 10 year old stalking. His parents have had probably 30 talks with him about moving on and that this girl does not, will not ever see him as anything positive and that he needs to get over it. He has seen 2 different counselors who recommend he be taken out of any situation in which he might be around her, because he’s completely obsessed with her.

This causes him to have a panic attack, because it’s “part of his identity”. His exact words were “If I’m not the boy who likes ____ then I don’t even know who I am. That’s me, I’m the boy who likes ____.”

He isn’t allowed to have any type of electronics that can take pictures, because he took his ipod to school and took a bunch of pictures of this girl.

His parents are worried about where this will go, so to try and combat it, they have pulled him out of school and he’s in serious counselling. He’s a sweet kid, but holy fuck does he have some major fundamental problems.

14. Past life stuff with kids really freaks me out.

I work at a day care and this literally just happened today:

“Miss Nikkil, I have a story to tell you! I was a baby once but I wasn’t always a baby, when I was big, I was scary, and I did a lot of bad things. I used to chase down girls and BAM! DEAD! and I would run up behind them and go RAWWWWRRR and I guess that’s why God made me a baby again and now I’m 4, but I won’t hurt girls anymore.”

13. Well that’s straight out of a horror movie.

I baby sat the neighbours kids, when the parents went out the little boy, around 6 told me ‘I’m going to kill mummy’ and took me to the top of the stairs where he’d tied string across the bannisters at ankle level

12. This is absolutely terrifying.

This past summer I was at one of my girlfriend’s relatives birthday party. She has a little cousin around age 10, me and him get along great. Usually he wants me too run some football plays with him, but this night he was different. I noticed him sitting all alone on the back porch so I approached him like usual and asked what was up, too which he responded “I just really wish I would have done it last night”, I ask “what’s that?”. He comes back with “I wish I would have stabbed mommy”. I shat bricks.

11. That doesn’t seem like normal sibling stuff.

He’s not my kid, but my godson is extremely creepy. He likes to stand in his little sister’s doorway while she naps and watches her sleep. I ask him why and he says, “it’s the closest I can get to seeing her dead.” He also likes to shove her fist in his mouth as far as it can go because he wants to “know what suffocating is like, just in case.” I’m pretty sure he’d be a serial killer if it wasn’t for Mario Kart.
Edit: he is 8. She is 5. He hasn’t done as many creepy things lately. It was mostly right after she was born, he had a hard time adjusting. He still says the odd weird thing here and there but nothing as bad as what I mentioned above. His offhand comments are much more innocent, such as “I’m going to sell you on Kijiji” and “I’m going to sell you for a quarter and ask for change” to his sister. Also his character in Mario Kart is always Yoshi and although he is unhealthily obsessed with the game, he’s an otherwise normal 8 year old.

10. I’m so sorry for everyone involved.

The little boy my granda took in is really creepy, but no one else sees it but me. He is OBSESSED with five nights at freddies and guns. He has so many toy weapons its worrying. He also likes to tell me IN DETAIL how he is going to kill me and my grandma. All he does it sit at the computer and play minecraft. He makes these really complicated machines to kill npcs and then he laughs when they die. He also likes to attempt to get into the bathroom when anyone is doing anything in there, so he can watch.

EDIT: It’s not any one of these things that make him creepy, it’s all of them together. Especially his fascination with talking about and killing (fake) things.

9. Let’s hope that’s just a funny story to tell her when she’s older.

Not my kid but my niece.. A few months ago I read a similar thread and later that night just for fun I asked me brother and his wife if their kids ever did any creepy. They both immediately looked at eachother and seemed surprised that I had asked.

Apparently the last few couple of weeks they would hear my niece talking to her self in her bed room. They assumed it was just playful imagination so they didint give it mutch thought. One day however my brother asked her who she kept talking to, she said it was her new best friend Satan that visits her at her window every day. Her window is close to the ground so they were seriously concerned that there was someone actually going up to her window and kept a closer eye on her for th next few days. Every single time they would hear her talking he would go outside to her windows but never found anyone. They began asking her more about his new friend and apart from his name being Satan she mentioned hay he folows her everywhere she goes and that he promised her he will bring her a cake one day. At a late cookout at my parents a week before they mentioned that she took her mom outside to he back yard and pointed at the pitch black backyard and told her that her friend Satan was there and she wanted to meet her also. That made chills run down my spine since I was at that cookout also. After that they made her promise she wouldn’t talk to Satan anymore. Haven’t checked with my brother how that worked out tho.

So I got a chance to talk to my brother and not much happened since then. After all of that happens since they know it was not someone actually at her window and to not scare her they simply they kept close attention who she brought up in conversations. A while of not hearing about it my brother and his wife asked her about Satan and she just said she doesn’t see him anymore. They haven’t heard about him since then.. That was about 6 months ago. Now the only friends she talks about are her soccer team friends. Btw she’s 5.

8. Definitely happened in a different time. Teachers now would sh*t bricks.

He would have conversations with himself under his breath like Gollum. In the middle of one of these rage filled arguments, he would pull out his “hand” gun, and shoot people in the class. All our teachers ever said was, “Hey, no guns.” He also made notes that we would occasionally find, one specifically on why the person who sat behind him in math d ebook and other online communities and calmed down a bit..

7. Okay but kids that age should not be left alone with small pets. Period.

My cousin is creepy. Smashed his pet hamster to death around age five with a toy firetruck.

6. Anything to get out of math class.

He pierced his nipples in the middle of Math

5. I guess we’ll have use for the dark minds some day. Maybe soon.

My son has said that when he kills someone he’ll put their body on the train tracks so no one will know they were murdered.

And then he said if anyone saw him he’d have to put their body on the train tracks too.

He was 6.

I embrace his dark side. It’ll help out a lot in the future zombie invasion.

4. Bizarre is one word for it.

She would always have conversations with herself during class (often while the teacher was speaking). One day she showed up and had shaved the front of her hair so that it looked like she had a horrible receding hairline. After a couple of weeks like that she took to wearing Halloween wigs. She’d sometimes talk about her pet flying squirrel and nobody believed she actually had one so she started trying to take him to school with her every so often and always get into trouble. During lunch she would sit by herself at a table, pick a person out and literally mimic their every move for the entire lunch period. Very bizarre.

3. I’m appalled they gave him a second pet.

my 5 yo cousin threw his cat AND rabbit from the 3rd floor of their house. bunny died but cat was nowhere to be found

2. I sort of like this guy.

He spoke like an old timey fisherman. He also played the accordion and the harmonica. He said he lived on a boat but I think he just loved the idea of it. He grew long 1800’s style sideburns and wore a sailors cap to school. He also spoke in a weird olde english type of way.

Edit: to the people who guessed his name is Max, either we went to the same school or you guys are magicians

Edit 2: this kid didnt get bullied at all because he was so weird. Everybody loved him but in all seriousness he must have been fucked up because he was like a pre-Titanic fisherman

Edit: A drunk comment about my old high school bro garnered a lot more attention than I thought

1. This isn’t so much creepy as just kid stuff gone horribly wrong.

My cousin super glued her hampsters eyes shut when she was 6. Apparently he wouldn’t go to sleep. Her 7 year old sister confirmed that it was a great idea.

I’m going to have to think long and hard about my school days to come up with something as weird as these!

How would you answer this question? Tell us about the creepiest kid in your school in the comments!