If you’re looking for a list of tweets that will elicit a smile, a giggle, or even a full-on laugh, look no further – because we think these 16 people have hit the nail on the head.

Whether you’re looking for parenting funnies or just plain ol’ life hilarity, we think you’re going to find it here!

16. That vampire thing is really working for him.

It’s not all bad. I’m just saying.

15. Too many days that have gone like this.

We mean to work…

14. It really is weird to think about, isn’t it?

I don’t think this should be possible?

13. Dare you to unsee it now.

You can’t. I know.

12. True story.

Don’t think about it too hard or you’ll cry.

11. I would take that deal every day of the week.

Unless it was like, my best friend. Then, no.

10. When the perfect visual pops up.

You have to share it.

9. It’s definitely goals.

For everyone involved, to be honest.

8. This isn’t normal?

I think this is normal.

7. He cannot compute.

What to do? WHAT TO DO?

6. I fail to see the issue.

That’s why we like it, right?

5. It’s so much worse than you’re imagining.

Honestly, and I was expecting bad.

4. Ahaha that’s funny.

I don’t care who you are.

3. If you know, you know.

If you don’t, I just can’t explain it.

2. I could watch this over and over.

I need to know what happened after.

1. It must be like losing your head a bit.

Like, into another dimension.

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