When you’re pregnant for the first time, you imagine the lovely, calm, soothing and quiet end to your day, singing your precious bundle to sleep as their little eyelids close so willingly…

For some of us, hellacious newborns with raging colic dispelled that dream right away, but y’all – the twos and threes come for everyone eventually, and we all learn that bedtime is something to be survived most days, not so much enjoyed.

A fact these 16 tweets definitely prove for me.

16. It’s a simple process.

Simple, but lengthy.

15. It is somehow the opposite.

Babies do not make sense I know.

14. Any other time of day, you’d fully support that.

But not when you’ve been doing this for an hour already.

13. If only it could translate one day to acing science.

They don’t know how they’re doing it, is the problem.

12. Don’t be mad because he’s clever.

He beat you at your own game.

11. It’s in their nature.

Don’t hate the player.

10. Except the movie ends.

Eventually, I mean.


9. So much to do.

None of which they actually wanted to do before it was bedtime.

8. One day he will understand.

But not until after it can no longer benefit you.

7. One day you just give up.

This is the result.

6. Because the kids never went to bed.

It’s a tale as old as time.

5. Zombies? Vampires? Sure.

But not this.

4. Lesson learned the hard way.

Props to dad this time!

3. I don’t think Dante saw that one coming.

He must not have had kids.

2. You don’t want them to go to bed without hearing it, but…

Even parents have limits to their acting abilities.

1. You just bought yourself another hour, sir.

You’re definitely falling asleep in there tonight.

It’s not that I hate bedtime…I just hate doing their bedtime. Ha!

What’s your secret to a blissful bedtime? Share it with us in the comments!