I think pretty much everyone thinks that being a twin is cool – and that goes double for people who are actually twins.

See what I did there?

Most of us will never know what it’s really like, but when we read stories of hijinks like these 16, it’s the next best thing.

16. Well that’s special.

I can unlock his phone with facial recognition and send stupid messages to other people from it.

15. As long as you have the same style.

Twice the clothes.

14. Blame the bad memory on your brother.

I have a twin brother but we never did a switcheroo or anything. It’s probably much more mundane than people think. To me he’s just my brother.

One great thing though is I don’t have to try to remember the names of random acquaintances because no one remembers ‘which one’ I am.

13. This is as it should be.

2 cakes on our birthday 🎂🎂

12. Twin language is so weird.

I know of a pair of twins, and when they were younger they developed their “own way of speaking”. Not with different words and phrases, but they meshed their words in such a way that they’re difficult to understand. They have a sibling who’s able to understand most of what they’re saying, but is “not fluent”, so to speak.

Around other people their words don’t mesh, but around each other they revert back to their speech patterns.

11. This would be so helpful.

I’m not a twin but have identical twins. One year, one of them got tired during a shopping trip for school clothes. She said to her sister, “Try this on. I want to see how it looks on me.”

10. It lasts forever.

My husband and his mirror image twin had their own “twin talk” too. They lost it by the time they started school though.

They STILL do the whole “knowing exactly what the other is talking about” though. Whole conversations can be like the following:

T1: “You know that…” T2: “Yeah, and that…” T1: “couldn’t believe it!” T2: “Do you?” T1: “Definitely!” T2: “Let’s do that.”

Their mom and I joke that they can have whole conversations without a single noun…

9. They have the same mind.

My mom once told one of us to go pick out a coat then she sent the other one to go get a coat. We picked the exact same coat. For petes sake.

We kept track by pocket contents when that happened. Or stains.

8. Well that came in handy.

I grew up with a speech impediment and my sister was my translator. I would mash all my words together with no spaces and my parents would just stare at me. Then call my sister and have me repeat myself so she could interpret

7. No one knows you better.

my twin and i used to switch classes to take exams for each other in middle and high school. it was pretty fun, but we started to differ in looks as we got older so it probably wouldn’t work anymore lol.

although, our voices still sound exactly the same, so we can often trick our parents on the phone and stuff like that. also not trying to say we have telepathy, but when you spend literally every waking second of your life together, we can always kind of know what each other is thinking. it’s like we’ve developed our own language

6. Well that’s disturbing.

Downside is some people fetishize it. I had my ex-boyfriend beg for a threesome with my twin, which was gross and weird. He offered to buy both of us $600 designer bracelets if we did it. Sharing birthday gifts can suck as well.

“Do you cry if she cries in another state?” “Do you ever forget which twin you are?” “I want to see y’all fight.” “If I stab her will you feel her pain?” “Which is the smart twin and which one is the dumb twin?”

Advantage is always having someone to go somewhere with, whether it be a party, lunch, shopping, wherever.

5. Argh, a rookie mistake.

I heard a story about two twin girls at my high school who tried that once and they almost got away with it but the one taking the test for the other accidentally wrote her own name on it

4. They really weren’t alone.

In my high school there was an unusually high number of twins. As in, minimum 3 sets of twins per 90-person class. One class had 6 sets.

A common prank was for twins to “switch” classes for a period or day. Most of the time the teachers caught them (they were very used to it), but there were two brothers that always got away with it. They were just too identical in looks, voice, and mannerisms. One of those guys had a crush on me and to this day, I still don’t know which one it was lol.

All the twins got a special group photo in the yearbook every year, too.

3. Diabolical.

I dated a twin. They used to fuck with me on the phone and the other would pretend to be my boyfriend. Their voices sounded exactly the same so he would generally trick me for a few minutes.

Got to the point where if I was on the phone with him and I knew his brother was there I would ask something only he would know so I know who I was talking to. In person it was very easy to tell them apart though.

2. The very best advantage.

I have a twin brother. The advantage is always having some one to talk to. No matter how good or shitty our days were we’re there for each other.

1. This is the best story.

When I was a kid, there were twin sisters in the neighborhood, Meg and Peg. Each would say how much they disliked their sister, and didn’t like to hang around each other. Towards the end of the summer I asked their older brother where his sisters were.

“Sisters? I only have one sister, Margaret.” She tricked me for an entire summer.

Yeah, I could definitely read about these all day.

If you’re a twin, tell us your best tale in the comments!