Parenting can be so rough on some days, but still, there is usually some kind of comedy to be found within the madness, if you look hard enough.

Everyone knows that laughter is the best way to stop yourself from crying (or to make your cryfest seem less sad, I suppose), and these 17 dads are here to bring you the laughs from within their own crazy lives.

17. A terrorist is a terrorist people.

We can’t let them win.

16. Spoiler Alert: it’s not pretty.

Like when you accidentally turn the camera to face yourself.

15. They will ruin anything you’re excited about.

This is absolutely true just show them a beloved movie from your childhood, you’ll see.

14. Kids thrive on schedules, you know.

Even for fighting with their siblings, I guess.

13. Better safe than sorry.

This makes me laugh just thinking about it.

12. Unless you want her to get made fun of at school.

No parent wants that, I don’t think.

11. This will not work out in your favor.

Each kid gets just a little bit less smart.

10. This guy’s kids are the kids of my soul.

Snacks are life, y’all, don’t @ me.

9. I’m not sure you want to intrigue him quite so much.

Human biology will do that on its own.

8. Hahaha what is sleeping?

I’ve heard of it, and maybe remember it, but…?

7. Time for a science experiment!

You’re homeschooling, right?

6. These are the laws of the universe.

Ask a physicist who has children; they’ll tell you.

5. Just another day in paradise.

If he’s five, you’ve long ago figured out how to poo in not-peace.

4. Also they have like 6 limbs!

Maybe more. It’s hard to tell when they’re all going for your face.

3. Neither can your 6yo, probably.

What even is time these days, anyway?

2. They say she’s learning.

Soon she will refuse to do our jobs, parents.

1. They can grow them at will.

Just sit at a table with food on it and a baby on your lap and you will see.

Oh my goodness, those dads are going THROUGH it, y’all!

How do you remember to find the humor in every situation? Tell us your secrets in the comments!