Parenting is hard work, and that’s true for weeks and months when we’re not wearing every single hat in our kids’ lives at the same time.

It’s not easy to be a parent, teacher, friend, playmate, chef, and on and on all day and all night with no break and no help other than from other adults in the house.

If any of that describes you, and you’re trying not to tear your hair out or develop a drinking problem, you’re going to love these 17 memes.

17. I never knew any math to begin with, y’all.

Maybe I’ll finally learn how to multiply!

16. I mean. At least he’s learning something.

Spelling is no small thing.

15. We’re forced to go to extremes, okay?

But seriously, I hope they maintained social distancing while doing that.

14. Wait, that’s a thing we’re supposed to be doing?

13. Those were the good old days.

Of course, it was only two months ago, but still.

12. Except so pale the sunlight makes him hiss.

We’re all going to be fine, I swear.

11. I definitely have NOT done this.

Yes, fine, I have done this and I really enjoyed that audiobook.

10. And that’s what my hair looks like, too.

Because who has time to fix their hair?

9. We have had this exact conversation.

I’m sure we’re not alone and also no, I’m not going to shower today.–9oCinrez/?utm_source=ig_embed

8. It’s the same as real pizza.

Just eat it, brats.

7. You think this is funny.

But my grocery bill is no joke, y’all.

6. Let’s hope this doesn’t end in quite the same way.

But please, God, let it end.

5. Hey, it was good enough for our grandparents.

It’s definitely good enough for our kids but I’ll wait for my hairdresser.

4. And you’re just really, really hoping that they say no.

Because you have no idea what you’re going to do if they say yes.

3. I hope you brought your Lysol.

And some wipes and also washed your hands when you were done.

2. I’m sure it’s all very simple.

If, of course, you have a brain that’s not permanently fried.

1. It’s all a lie, but I’m guessing they know that.

Because we’re all telling the very same one.–Kahln6jQ/?utm_source=ig_embed

I’ve gotta say, I’m feeling these!

How are you coping with your kids home all the time?

Let’s share secrets!