If there’s one thing that’s true about the internet and being a parent, it’s that tweets describing the hilarity of our day-to-day are like lifeblood.

They’re also never in short supply, though it can be hard to weed out the best of the best – but we believe that’s exactly what we have for you here.

17. That’s a gender reveal I could get behind.

The only one, perhaps.

16. Or just being visible around someone she knows.

Speaking as someone who was once a teenager.

15. I mean, she’s got the basic concept.

A+ parenting.


14. There’s nothing in my life that’s not sticky.

Nothing. Not one thing.

13. We all have our strengths.

And our weaknesses.

12. You just want to make sure you heard what you think you heard.

It’s good to take a breath.

11. You put mom in charge and this is what you get.

Sorry not sorry.

10. Warmest regards.

We’re going to be here awhile.

9. Now they’re all you have left.

That’s just how they like it.

8. Those days you forget…

All you can do is laugh at yourself.


7. That took a turn.

You can never tell what’s going on in their minds.

6. I mean it’s kind of a metaphor for what they did to your life.

Payback, baby.

5. We’re all making our own rules, now.

Do what makes you happy.

4. Moms who don’t do this…how?

You must really be committed to fitting into your jeans.

3. I see a career in her future.

Not in animation, though.

2. Yeah, you asked.

That’s what you get.

1. Where to even start?

I honestly have no idea.

These lists are just my absolute favorite!

Which of these are you ready to share with a mom or dad friend? Tell us in the comments!