We all have those days when finding something to smile about can seem impossible.

Those are the days we need other parents to lift us up the most – only they can remind us how important it is to find the small bits of humor in our day-to-day lives.

These 17 parents are here for you, y’all, so please, take advantage.

17. I mean, it seems like good advice.

So…virtual school ftw?

16. This opportunity may not present itself again.

You have to do it for posterity.

15. He knows what’s coming.

That’s worrisome, tbh.

14. It’s funny, but it still hurts.

Right in the back, there.

13. Girlfriend is not wrong.

And I think she has a career in law enforcement.


12. He asked and she answered.

I don’t know what more he expected, honestly.

11. Especially if gifts are involved.

Especially if gifts from GRANDMA are involved.

10. Sometimes it takes way longer than you’d think to find out.

You just freeze and hold your own breath while you wait.

9. I know what she means.

And yeah, those are cheap socks, Ma.

8. You can’t panic when they say things like this.

It’s probably not what you think.

7. I can’t wait until she sings it at school.

That’s going to be a fun call with the teacher.

6. We all do.

It’s not fair that there’s no follow-up to this tweet.

5. She has a point.

Keep your eye on that bear.

4. I literally can’t breathe.

This is fine, though. Totally fine.

3. He has fans, though!

Don’t be such a hater.

2. What’s funnier is she doesn’t think that’s a stretch.

Oh, to have the confidence of a 4yo.

1. I think she got her wish.

This is sweet but also sigh.

These people are doing the Lord’s work, y’all!

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