Here’s the thing about parenting tweets: just when you think you’ve seen the best of them, and there will never be more that impress you or make you laugh, someone proves you wrong.

Or in the case of these 15, more than one someone. At least, we think so!

15. And that’s just for the parents.

The rest of you saps can find your own.

14. It is a time-honored tradition.

It shall live long after your kids and grandkids are grown.

13. Those two things do not go together.

If you’re without screens, no one is relaxing.

12. If you want people to meet you where you are…

Everyone should bring earplugs.

11. I think they wear name tags.

This is a really good question though.

10. It’s technically the same thing.

A mean teacher would still mark it wrong on a test, though.

9. He might as well join the fray.

He’s no less informed than Karen from high school drill team.

8. All necessary school supplies if you ask me.

Or anyone else attempting this feat.

7. How to be a Queen, 101.

She’s being taught well.

6. You definitely can’t answer those in a minute.

Or even in a week.

5. That pretty much sums it up.

They’re cute though.

4. Everyone knows this will happen.

Everyone who has ever been inside an elementary school, anyway.

3. Mothers do not get enough breaks.

Especially not in the current scenarios.

2. Decompression takes time.

You can’t rush these things.

1. Bless her heart.

This made me snort-laugh.

One of my parenting goals is to one day make one of these lists!

What’s the best tweet you ever made about parenting? Share it with us in the comments!