In case you don’t have a girl child in your life that requires regular gifts and offerings, let me assure you that Barbie dolls are still very much a thing. Mattel has responded to some concerns about their dolls, like giving Barbie different professions and creating Barbies with different skin tones, and even coming out with Barbie dolls that aren’t unrealistically thin.

Now, they’re crossing cultural boundaries and releasing a “Day of the Dead” Barbie that celebrates Halloween according to the Latin tradition of the holiday.

The Barbie – Día de Muertos – is beautifully designed by Javier Meabe, who originally crafted her in 2019 as a special edition.

She was so well-received that Mattel is planning on making her an annual release, and Meabe issued a press release to talk about how she’ll be the same – and different.

“Adding new textures, fabrics, flowers, and a new dress silhouette were ways to introduce the new elements to the second doll while still keeping the traditional elements that are important to the Día de Muertos celebration. Traditions like marigolds, skeleton details, and Calaveras makeup were elements that I knew we had to keep but introduce in a new way.”

Romper reported that the new doll wears a pale pink lace hook skirt that’s underlaid with a colorful floral pattern (and some skulls), while the original version wore a black, trumpet dress adorned with butterflies and flowers.

The special edition version wore her hair in two long braids, black with blue highlights, while the 2020 version will have a braided updo set with matching flowers.

Both wear the skull-like makeup that is traditional on the day.

Día de Muertos is said to be the say when the dead return to their families to enjoy food, music, and memories. It begins at midnight on Halloween, with children arriving first and adults 24 hours later.

If you’re looking to incorporate the tradition – or continue to celebrate it – in your home, you can preorder the 2020 doll for $75.

I think both of these dolls are just beautiful, and would have a hard time letting a child play with them, to be honest!

Also, not to sound old, but man, Barbie dolls are certainly pricier than they used to be!